Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dede's Birthday Part 1

It's already July. Dede's birthday falls in early July, which means, celebration! Haha. We have all got a bit bored with Korean food. Hence, we shall then settle with Western. Dede then suggested The Hill. In fact, I heard quite a bit about this restaurant too.

So yeah it's called The Hill. It's located at a hill side, where parking is horribly bad. There are no parking spaces and no proper parking lots. People just park at the road side. The valet cheats people money, they charge you 10 bucks, and they park at the road side too. They are actually getting money for a public parking space. Like, what da hell, right?

From these settings, you can tell that the price is not gonna be cheap. In a place like Damansara Heights, you wouldn't expect anything to be cheap there, right? But, it's still affordable.

Then it's us. We have known each other for 6 years, omg, I just can't believe this. I miss the studying years the most.

Uh-huh the heart shape watermelon. It's not purely juice. It's actually cocktail where I find that the alcohol is a bit too strong considering that the watermelon juice itself at times may taste like some cough mixture already.

This is also a cocktail. This mixture is much better. This is dangerous though. You can drink and drink, and you wouldn't know how much you drank and boom! haha ...


lpj said...

hapy bday dede.. lots of hugzzz =)

Panda said...

LOL thank u thank u on behalf haha

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Dede! xD


Panda said...

Hahha thank u thank u ^^