Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nature Republic in 1 Utama

It's actually not difficult to serve me. Sales assistants are there if I need any assistance. I am just as happy if you just ignore me. I will ask if I need to. Most probably, I don't need your useless help anyway.

But, what I really dislike is you being RUDE. I can't take rude people, and that includes sales assistants. Don't come telling me you have a bad day, because I don't take that as an excuse. In fact, the moment you're being rude, there's no way it can be reasoned. I was in a front line, and I know exactly how those kinda job felt like.

I was in Nature Republic in 1 Utama. I know that I should have boycotted that place before. Please do not misunderstand, I like this brand and there's nothing wrong with this brand or the products. From previous experience, I have a very strong dislike for that particular sales assistant there. I believe he's the only male sales assistant there. I have not liked him from my first experience stepping into that shop.

I did not step in until yesterday when my friend was the one who wanted to buy something.

Friend: Do you have tester?
He: That's why I asked you just now whether you wanna try or not. *in a very hostile tone*

Dude, that's  not funny. I am very particular in politeness and him speaking in such a way is absolutely unacceptable. It's not my freaking problem if you are tired after a long day, or you argued with your boyfriend. You should have just ignored me and everything will be fine. If you don't like serving us, just do us a favor by not approaching us. It will definitely turn out better than it had been.

When he was explaining the product to my friend, he was actually looking elsewhere too. I'm not asking for a five star service, if you wish to be rude, I will appreciate if if you could just keep your mouth shut in one corner.

We left the shop, and my friend wanted to buy it at a later time. So, we went back after that. Guess what? He didn't serve us, which I am glad, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

The girl was nice, she was explaining and all. But, I was very much irritated with him counting the money in the cashier. Yes, I know it was already 9.30 PM but you don't close your shop until 10 PM. It's just counting money you don't need half an hour to count. It's either you are plain lazy or that you are not interested in that job. If so, why not just quit. I am more than happy because when you quit, then I can start going to the shop whenever I want. Yeah, we all can hear you counting, you don't want us to be there. If that's the case, why don't you close shop at 10.01 AM? Like d'uh? Or that you are so incompetent. Since you are so unfit, just get lost. That brand does not need you there.

Whenever I wanna buy something from Nature Republic, I don't go to the one in 1 Utama though I am practically there 5 days a week! I rather travel further, such as Times Square or Sunway or just anywhere else except the one in 1 Utama because I despise him.

This dude here had literally tarnished the whole brand name, just because of his stupid attitude. When I was in Nature Republic in Korea, it was just so professional. Him? Heh, my foot. This is not the way you should be talking to a customer, no matter which industry you are in. You should just be fired since that you are not doing the brand any good.


lpj said...

ahahahahah boyfriend :D

Anonymous said...

Dude everything going to be alright, karma remember?
Haters gon' hate hahahaa

@lpj yo long time no see you :)


lpj said...

knn limpeh hart pecah

Panda said...

lpj: yeah boyfriend, coz he looks so na

Adam: damn! I feel like filing an official complaint ^^

lpj said...

panda, i hati pecah.. wish u can drink with me.. taste de bitternes of life...

Panda said...

Wah what happened?

lpj said...

i juz nid hug..badly

Panda said...


Anonymous said...

Omg! I think i know which one is him...and i hate him too.. For your information, before nature republic came into one utama, i like going to Etude House....but then, that guy started working there...he seems very lazy to serve me and my friend too...thats when we stopped going to etude house... Then, after a while, i saw him in nature republic...its really sucks too see him there...!

Panda said...

wait, who is this?

Yeah, I do know he's from Etude House before. As of now, there are only 2 guys in Nature Republic. One is the thinner one, he's the fatter one. With that stupid look on his face, it's so irritating that I feel like slapping his darn face but again, no, I don't wanna dirty my hands for such species.