Thursday, July 19, 2012


I do, honestly feel that Malaysians in general should be punctual, whether it's an appointment with friends, colleagues, dates and etc.

Of course, who am I to say if your gf/bf has not said a word about you being late. I know that! In terms of friends, or even colleagues, I feel you should be punctual, and be on time. You don't agree on a time then you can't be there at the promised time. That is so uncalled for.

This needs a change badly. Everywhere I go, there's like this one or two asses who will always be late, like always. It's so frustrating when you made the effort to be on time, get all stressed up to be there ON time and those few fellas can laugh their way out.

Seriously, what is so difficult with being punctual? This is a form of respect you show towards the other party. Hence, if you are late, and you do not have the courtesy to inform, I take that as an insult.

I am not saying being late for 5 minutes and I get all fired up. It's about half an hour, 1, 2 or even 3 hours. It happens. Maybe, once or twice you just can't make it, okay! My rule is, inform the people involved. If you don't, I feel we should be distanced away from each other. Seriously.

If you feel that it's not necessary for me to be all worked up, think again and put yourself in the shoes of the person waiting. How irritating can that really be especially if you are alone.

I'm actually not emphasizing into anyone's fault or direction, it's a general horrible attitude that a Malaysian possess. I hate this, really very much. We can do so much more things in life when people are punctual. Really and truly.

I know generally Malaysian time is when you promise at 8am, they will be there at 9am. However, of late, it's getting worse and worse. It's much later than that. Seriously, people? Are you gonna be so laidback til this extent that it makes people irritated? Give me a break please.


Anonymous said...

Dude, coincidentally your blog and another friend who I read blogged about the same thing as the most recent post lol!


Anyway looks like nobody can be punctual these days huh =\

P.S: I installed LINE on my phone later will spam u lols

Panda said...

dude, yo. it's very annoying to have people like these. reason being ooh i can't wake up, like wth? irritating.

hahah ok spam me, i have line

Poh Lin said...
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