Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin

2 days back I bought a book with the title Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin which was then made into a movie. It depicts a story about a 30-year old lawyer working in a top firm, has a best friend who is gonna get married to her old friend back in law school. On her 30th birthday, an affair took place between the protagonist and the best friend's fiance. The writer had brought the readers explore the meaning of true love, jealousy, friendship and betrayal as well as ethics and if it's worth what you fight for.

Sometimes, things aren't always so clear in life, that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren't always neat, and at times, you need to risk it all to win true happiness. From a society point of view, things could be just wrong and that it's not right to do certain things as such as it has been regarded as morally and socially wrong, but if that's your true happiness and you need to sacrifice something, there's only one chance in life.

Of course, in the book, Rachel and Dex ended up together eventually, but I wonder how will it be like if Rachel ends up with Ethan instead since that he's like the one that knows her in and out including her deepest and darkest secret. In fact, I really would like to have a friend like Ethan. He's interesting, a very supportive friend and he doesn't judge! His only concern was that Rachel will end up hurt. Most guys will like Darcy more as she is the more fun-loving, feminine girl but to him, he prefers Rachel that seems to be in Darcy's shadow and Rachel gotta tolerate every single shit about Darcy. Damn! I know how this feels! It will be even more interesting if Darcy had caught them red-handed on the street or something.

It's so interesting I have finished the book within 1.5 days during working hours only.

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