Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When The Shoe Fits In Perfectly

"Just like a shoe, if someone is meant for you they will just fit perfectly. No forcing, no struggling, no pain."

Yeah, that is exactly how it works. You don't have to try too hard to win someone over and over yet not succeeding, it just means that person is not meant for you.

In the other hand, if the person wants to cheat, no matter how you stop him or her, that person is still gonna cheat eventually. There's no use stopping, prohibiting, or forcing someone to stay because if the heart says stay, they will. They don't have to be reminded of in any way. If they are loyal enough, it will never even cross their mind to even do anything out of the belief, and out of the norm.

If you feel pain, torment and struggle in the relationship, leave. It's the best solution because that's not how it supposed to be. You can stop a person once or twice, and not your entire life. Once you have been betrayed, it takes a lot of courage to actually trust that person again. Things will never be the same, ever again.

To those that cheat, why go cheating when you have the option to end one first, then only go with the other. That is totally unacceptable. If you wanna have a back up, you should back off from people's lives. What is so difficult? "I found that I don't feel the same way anymore, and so I am ending this." So go ahead with your new life. Things will not turn out as ugly as cheating. You will never have an excuse for cheating. Never ever. It applies for both genders, not any particular one.

The same goes to third parties, an outsider. You don't have to remind that they are without partners, and it's time to find one because when the right one comes along, they know. As the quote had mentioned, they will fit in perfectly in your life.

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