Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Bang Alive Concert in Malaysia

There was an announcement that Big Bang was finally gonna come here for a concert. It was just rumors at first and at a later stage it became official that T.O.P, GD, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri are coming here for their Alive Tour on October 27th!!!! Wooohoo!

I seriously can't wait and I'm eager and I'm anxious. Ahhh. Then there came a decision making issue, how much should we go for? The most expensive one 688? Or the second which is 588? Or should we just go for 488 or 388? It's a huge dilemma, I've never made such big decision in my life.

There came the day that the ticket is gonna launch, July 28th at 10.30 am in Farenheit 88 while tickets are only going for sale online at Redtix and Ticketcharge at 12pm onwards.

It's impossible to queue up in Farenheit as the crowd was so outrageous. They started queuing at noon from the day before its launch. Due to the overwhelmed response, we only manage to get the ticket priced at 191 bucks.

You can see those pics here that people were camping over there. Though the concert has got to be 3 months later, the tickets are practically sold out. Many were having problems getting the tickets. Server busy, or the outlets with tickets are all sold out.

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