Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye U Mobile, Hello P1

Ahhh ... finally, I have for once and for all, terminated my broadband service with U Mobile after having 4 years broadband with them. These 4 years had been very painful and torturing.

When they first came out, they were doing okay, and their price was the most competitive of all back then. It was 78 bucks for unlimited usage. It was back then when they were still managing it okay-ly.

As soon as my 2 years contract is over, I wanted to terminate it because they had all sorts of problems with it. Like, not able to connect, all those kind of shit things. When it couldn't connect, I took my modem to them only to learn them teaching me how to un-install and re-install, which I have known it. Excuse me? Are you kidding me, to be teaching all these sort of nonsense? Like as if I don't know. I might not have come from an IT background, but this is BASIC, like the foundation to be a human.

Then, the unlimited usage ended. They didn't even inform, they reduced my plan and the price became 68 bucks, and I was not notified and that's obviously not unlimited. It was just 5 GB. Ridiculous, and the speed feels like dial up service we used to have. I'm serious!

I made a point to just terminate it and sign it with the competitor which is just 69 bucks with better service. 6 GB and slowest it can go down to is 2 MB.

Ooh? Did I mention before that I was just enquiring with U Mobile how long do they need the notification before the actual termination? Apparently, that idiot can't understand simple English just terminated it IMMEDIATELY. Yeah such customer service personnel do exist in such a major outlet like 1 Utama. How shameful.

So they charged me for the entire month, and wow, impressive service they have I must say. They charged til end of the month but they terminate it immediately. How awesome! It's like damn efficient!! I'm impressed. But, when it's time to get them to connect it, it takes a zillion years to do so. So yeah U Mobile, I believe you people are DA BEST in terminating the service!! With such great customer experience that people there don't even understand simple query. WOW! I'm honestly WOW-ed!

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