Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Our country had reached an Independence of 55 years. It supposed to be something we should be proud of, it's a celebration for every Malaysians out there.

BUT, there's a but in everything. As the years go by, I realized that this is not something we need to celebrate any longer. The celebration is dying. People are not celebrating because of Independence, but it's more like a festival instead, and most importantly a public holiday. That's how people are looking at.

If we can't even be united, what is there to celebrate anyway? With all the hard work and effort our forefathers had fought for to become what it is today, how worthwhile was that? Honestly speaking? If people are so unappreciative for what has been done for our sake, why be independent, right?

Even the most basic factor we do not possess, how far and how much more we need to learn to live by. There are so many things that are happening at the current state is showing that we are going to the other direction. Things that supposed to be looked at seriously had been taken off lightly and eventually leaves a major impact on all of us.

I just wish and hope that everyone can finally live in peace. The safety of the people and the unity of all Malaysians. That's what it's important! We live as one! Be united!

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