Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ahh ... I'm seeing way too many of these. Leggings are not meant to wear as pants altogether. Only given certain circumstances, then it can be worn as pants, or else, please don't.

You need to bring into the consideration of the quality. Some of it is so freaking thin that you can see through whatever is inside, which means you're showing everything to the world.

Being in this country, it is not very practical to wear really thick ones that is meant for Winter. However, that does not mean that wearing it thin. If you wanna wear leggings, ensure that it is good in quality that it is not sheer enough.

Please also, it cannot be worn as a pants itself WHEN you are wearing a very short top. It's not supposed to be like that. You wanna look sexy but please don't end up otherwise. I have seen so many of them wearing short tops with leggings, oh please God help them, and me, it's a soar to the eyes, honestly.

Leggings in actual fact is an inner wear, so please don't take it as a pants. Furthermore, if it's starting to peel off and it's starting to tear, please for God's sake, get a new one. It's not expensive to begin with. It's freaking ugly to have a not-perfect-leggings. It's either you go all out to look all nice, or just don't wear it at all. Don't be a fashion faux pas.

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