Monday, August 13, 2012

Step Up Revolution & Hantu Gangster

Recently, I have been going out for movies. Well, not recent to be exact, more like it has been an on-going thing. How did I even live without movies before for so many years, made me wonder.

Anyway, the last 2 movies that I watched were Step Up Revolution and our local production movie Hantu Gangster

I was looking really forward for this movie, perhaps, a little too high expectations. I don't simply miss dance movies unless I really don't have the time. This is not a typical dance movie of participating in competitions. Nothing of that sort. The dance was not that many and the story tend to be a little draggy in my opinion. If you have not watched, please don't expect too much. Of course based on personal opinion, but I don't quite like it this time.

This is a must-watch for Malaysians. It's of course a Namewee production. It touches on the issues we have to date, the unity, the racial issues, issues that have always been there but not actually acknowledged. What had causes conflicts, the bitterness and hatred that develop due to the parties with evil intention can cause a fall.

I really love watching local production. Of course, I do need to understand the language as well, so, it's best that it's a mixture of the 3 languages that are so commonly used here. My first local movie that I have watched was Spinning Gasing, then Sepet. The most recent one before this was also a Namewee production - Nasi Lemak. This time is even funnier than that. It's definitely worth watching.

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