Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Pretty Shoes

What will you consider before you buy a pair of shoes? Which will be your focus? The comfort? Or the style/design?

Of course it will be great that both comes into place but as you know our feet have different structures even though we might have the same feet size. It will be excellent if you enjoy the best of both worlds but that's always not the case.

You come to a point that you feel so in dilemma whether to purchase a particular shoe because you really like it, it's really nice and yet it doesn't fit you properly, either a size too big or too small.

There are so many people I know, well, of course girls, will actually go ahead to buy it. That frequently happens. I have yet to meet a guy who is caught in that situation.

In my case, I can't do that. Firstly, my concern is always the comfort, forever and ever is the comfort, the design is secondary. I don't wear heels on normal days, not any other time except very special occasion like weddings, so I guess it is not that applicable. I prefer sneakers. Comfort first, anytime. Secondly, I have very different feet structure, I can't explain it. So unique that it's really difficult to find a good pair of shoes. Once I find a pair which is comfy, I better get it.

There comes to a point, you buy something which is not your size because you feel it's just so pretty and you can't live without that shoes, you put it on, you walk on the streets, and people start laughing. How worthwhile will that be? You walk like some odd woman who has blisters all over and injured some parts of your legs. Instead of the elegant, classy look that you would like to portray, you end up as a laughing subject. Don't be surprised, this is the issue face by many out there, so much for buying shoes which is not their size.

A pair of shoes isn't being just a pair of shoes, it brings your personality out. It's pretty, it's nice does not mean it suits you. Allow it to go to the rightful owner. Force does not have the best endings, and it doesn't bring happiness, instead it's the pain and torment you gotta go through until you decided to just throw it,

I know sometimes it's not your call. You are in desperate need of shoes and you have time constraint. I'm not talking bout those. I'm referring to the ones who have options.

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