Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Schooling Days

I have this account to keep in touch with people you know from school, whether it's primary, secondary, college or uni.

Seriously? I don't know why on Earth did I have that account in the very first place because one, I'm not someone who keeps in contact with people particularly from my studying years, two, I don't even intend to live a life from the past.

I still do have a very limited amount of people from my secondary but there was not even one person that I keep in contact from primary. I'm bad in keeping contact. Well, I didn't enjoy school at all. I wanted to get out from school so badly because I hated being there.

Honestly, out of 10 people there, I recognize just one. I can never know and recognize anyone by their looks, so the only way to recognize them is only through name if I still remember or else it's just not meant to be.

I enjoyed uni the most. I dread primary the most, then secondary. There are just too many reasons behind. I don't wish to re-live those dreadful moments. If I were to live those moments again, I would rather die though adulthood sucks too. At least now, I live the way I want and I don't need to live around people competing over absolutely nothing. People don't care how you look or sound like too! Though people around you do comment but it doesn't matter anymore unlike those days. When you are just a bit different from the others, you're classified as a weirdo.

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