Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakaway to Bukit Tinggi Part 2

It was already back in our room. It was early, we had nothing to do. Thus, all we did was to put on mask, drink beer, then sleep. The beer came from KL. haha.

Yeah a claw =.= in the middle of nowhere

Right after breakfast, I went for a nap, checked out at 12, and tadaaa ... Japanese Village, here we come.

The place is kinda cooling ^^

Then, we just love stairs haha

And damn, I don't know what's this but yeah, anyway, a picture haha

While we were walking heading to the place where they rent Kimono out, there was a girl who was having a MTV session there. Singing her lungs out, and I honestly can't figure out what songs were she singing. Her father was taking a video, and the audience were her other family members. Duper awesome haha.

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