Friday, September 28, 2012

Discover Korea & H&M

If you were in Farenheit 88 last week, you would have known that they were having a Discover Korea week at the concourse area. They sell Korean stuff, the standard ones are instant noodles, beverages, seaweed and this time, they have make up too.

Tadaaa.... in Hangeul

This is Lee Hyorin, a Korean model-actress among the others that she has been. Oh I bought a blue eye liner from them.

Jang jang ... Discover Korea

To be really honest, I feel that Hanbok, Korea's traditional attire is the most comfortable of all the others that I know. Cheongsam, Kimono .. and etc. I still find myself being very much attracted to a Hanbok more than any others. First, it's comfortable, second, it's easy to wear. You might say that Cheongsam is easy to wear. It isn't as easy because the zip is right behind you, what if I have a pair of short hands? Second thing, it's tight, so you gotta struggle to wear it. Third, it's so uncomfortable, you can't breathe normally because it's just too tight. Cheongsam is meant to be tight so you can't get anything looser.

Yeah, on the very same day on last Saturday, it was the opening of H&M. How much I loved H&M. But, that doesn't mean that I will queue up with all the lunatic people just to get into the shop. It's not something I enjoy doing. I actually hate crowded area because it gets me annoyed. But, well, I'll put up with it to a certain extent. The shop is still gonna be there after a few months. After all the hype is over, then it's MY time to conquer it. When I was in Switzerland, H&M is one of those brand that I will frequently go because one .. it's CHEAP, and when they have offers, they go DIRT CHEAP. I know it will not be the same here. However, from the advertisements, I can accept the price range. Not something beyond my purchasing power. haha.


lpj said...

haha u nid 2 slim down bit lor..den hand n bdy movment sure wil surprise u how ez it is ;) trust me lor.. me wan 2c u in cheonsam le

Panda said...

Are you seriously saying I need to slim down? You need to get your eye check then. I personally just don't like the whole concept of a Cheongsam and I do not wanna trust you because I have tried it and I know it. Thank you.