Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feel Good

It was yesterday that I started doing things I did before. For almost a year plus, I kept away from it. It's not that I do not want, but time and work constraint had prevented me from doing things I enjoy the most.

It's a whole new level. I have things to look forward to. It's not just hey, it's Tuesday. Or, hey, it's Wednesday, which is my day offs at the moment. I'm happy with it because I will be able to work out, which also means, goodbye taufu, hello tone body. haha. I wish that I can get that.

I have enjoyed it so much for so many years and never have I ever felt bored or dreadful in any way. I have always loved this. Well, going to a gym is an entirely different feeling. I don't find the intensity going to a gym, Afterall, perhaps I'm just not a gym person. That's the reason I stopped too, I no longer felt interested and I can no longer motivate myself.

Things had been stressful lately that it's just great to get my mind off for a lil' while. Now, my whole body is aching which is good. It means that it's effective, that my body is finally working out, instead of the normal routines eat, sleep, work. I have not felt so good in a long long time. Ahh~


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! :D
Later go spam you hahaha


Panda said...

lolz wth, so free?