Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Malaysia Day

Today, is Malaysia Day, September 16th which falls on a Sunday. When it falls on a Sunday, it means that Monday is automatically a public holiday.

And here I am, working on both days. Sad, I know, thank you. But, that's fine. It's good. Just look at the brighter side.

So yeah, this is the day to mark the formation of Malaysia. It's not Independence, but Malaysia. It's only on this date in 1963 that Malaysia was born. Before this, it was just Malaya. So, it took us 6 years to rename ourselves Malaysia from Malaya. haha. Back then, Singapore was part of Malaysia and they separated from us, which they then developed by themselves. Though we were one before, but we are now two very different countries.

Kids, it's not all about holidays. Please remember a very important date as such if you are born in Malaysia. Before this, not many knew that today in 1963 is when our country was born. Many thought that it was on Aug 31st, 1957 which was our Independence Day.

It's 2 different dates and how can they not know about this. I honestly knew this. It's all taught in school, how can you not know basic things like this. Basic knowledge of your own country! This is not about patriotism or anything, it's general knowledge that is expected from every citizen of this country. Certain things you can choose to ignore, but not stuff like this. If in any case, a tourist happen to ask the formation of Malaysia, and as a citizen of this country where you were born, raised and lived not know about it, how embarassing can that moment be. Just imagine.

Anyway, if you don't have to work, lucky you a very Happy Malaysia Day to you. If you do have to work, come and join hands with me.

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