Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City

I have dined in a Japanese restaurant that I've never been to before lately. The name of the restaurant is called Sushi Tei. If you are in Tropicana City and if you have the cravings for Japanese food, you will most probably walk into the same restaurant as I did.

I'm honestly not impressed. When I usually go to a Japanese restaurant, I will most of the time go "woah." Do not be mistaken "woah" with "wow." it's just different.

The selections they have is relatively limited. The price is definitely not cheap, it's slightly above average. The hygiene isn't on par. I do know that in a restaurant, there tend to be unhygienic things happen in the kitchen but please let it stay there and don't allow it to be seen by the customers because it isn't a nice sight.

If you wanna cut some meat on a dirty card board, please do it out from customers' sight. Please? Most customers are not keen to see you at one small corner, but you've been caught. Thank You.

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