Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The turn-off PDA

I always have a really hard time accepting people who express their feelings publicly, in other words PDA.

I'm totally not a fan of all these kind of things. When you look around you, there are this one type of girl that will PDA all day long and night. That is really really unattractive. Maybe, you would have thought that's okay, because she has a bf already. That's not how it supposed to be. She having a bf or not doesn't matter, but, it's really disgusting and unappealing.

I do know and I do understand your position that maybe, you really want the whole world to know that you are dating and that he is your bf and he is not available anymore. I understand your current and difficult position you are in now. But, you will need to understand others' position as well, like how awkward it feels like, like how disgusting it feels like, and definitely how irritating can that be.

Everyone has every freaking right to decide anything they want and I know, that includes you. You have every the freedom to decide, you have the freedom to do anything you want in the world as long as you don't go against the law. I totally understand that. But, please understand my frustration too, and be more considerate about how others feel.

No matter how you act with him nobody ever cares, but please behave decently in public. I know that it's an open world and that we should be more open on things. But, certain things are ought to be remained private. At least, act your age, be a bit classy won't kill you. Don't throw yourself to the guy because eww ... that's just a complete turn off and tawdry.

Therefore, I will really appreciate it that you could just mellow it down and learn to respect the people around you because for me, that's an insult and disrespect.

If you are afraid that he will leave you if you don't do this, please don't waste time thinking because if he wants, he will leave you eventually. No point thinking as such. Then, you go on being depressed and cry every single day and night. What's the point, right? It makes no sense and please don't be a retard. So, let the crying come naturally and right now, do you part and be someone with pride and dignity.

From my personal observation, those who goes PDA all the while, ends up in tragic. Hence, my very sincere and genuine advise, don't. Do anything you want whenever you are alone with him. Nobody cares. I will be indebted to you.


lpj said...

why bother le.. no nid to care d pda lor.. unless close fren.

Panda said...

I bother because it's too disgusting n I tried ignoring and it failed. It's way way too much. So now I'm annoyed.