Thursday, September 27, 2012

When Age Is Just NOT A Number

People say, age is just a number. It's like saying, a jail is just a room.

Personally, I feel your age reflects how you should act. There's a phrase saying that you become wiser as you age. So, people have a lil' more expectations when you are older.

You may look like you're a matured woman, but, deep down you have the mentality of a 10 year old kid. That is sickening. I have learned something new. I should not expect too much even though people might be 30, 40 or even 50. They still act like a kid, all competing among each other who is the best actress. Why not I'll give the medal and trophy to all of you, not to worry, everyone has one.

Stop acting so childish, stop being so immature, and the most important, stop being dramatic. That is despiteful. Being emotional is one thing, being dramatic is another. I believe that when you're much younger, you have all rights in the world to be emotional until you reach a certain age. Once you have reached a certain age, even you are emotional, I call that insecurity in whatever your issues are. That becomes painfully stupid and annoying. The fact that you go public with that kind of emotions, omigod, that is really what a pathetic freak does.

Please okay woman, honestly speaking, it's very unattractive of you to do such things. You gotta know that you give negative vibe to be doing such things all the freaking time. At all cost, I'm not asking you to pretend, but please be more discreet about it. Don't go public with every lil things that happen because it's a turn-off and people eventually feel disgusted. You will then realize as time passes, one after another start walking away from you because you keep on giving out the negative aura that eventually affects them.

Who says age is just a number? It practically reflects your maturity. Most girls/women don't act their age, they think they are kids, they start acting out a scene out from their Taiwanese dramas, then, they get what they want. Yeah, easy, right? It's not wrong to dream :)


lpj said...

i tink u shud not komplain 2much bout others lor...else u becum d ol woman evry1 dun like. 1 day.

Panda said...

Dude, look here. Whatever I blog and say is really nothing to do with anyone else but me. If you are not standing in my position, you should not comment either because you wouldn't understand. You can say whatever you want in the world, yet I will continue doing what I'm doing whether you like it or you don't.

lpj said...

i oni wan u 2walk in d ryt path wor... cuz ken c ur butiful n u ken lose it if...

Panda said...

I'm not even walking into the wrong path now. I did not do drugs, nor did I murder. I know what I'm doing and I have chosen it, nobody should ever question that.