Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween's Day

So to every single one out there, have a great celebration, put up with your scariest ever look you can. After all, it's just once a year haha.

Happy Halloween's Day!!

I did not party or anything this year, I've just spent a night in Genting. I have been real good. There's every reason to party but I did not. I don't know what happened to me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That Weirdo

I know that Facebook is a social networking and it is for connecting people. But, what people don't know or don't realize is that it is to connect old and current friends together, also new acquaintance. BUT, not to connect normal people with weirdos.

If you don't know you are weird, I hope I don't have to tell you that myself, please reflect and you will find out that you are just as weird as you look.

So, stop adding people. Just because you know my existence it does not really mean that I gotta accept your weirdness. The fact that we all know a mutual friend, that does not help you being accepted in the normal circle. As I said, I'm not weird, I just attract weird people like you and I wanna stop attracting people like you as its very unhealthy for me. I don't need negative aura surrounding me. You are probably one of the most negative aura I know of state. I don't need people who is sick up in the head coming distracting my life with the lamest ever thing because obviously I have a life and I prefer to have it that way. I'm absolutely not a fan of people living without a purpose in life.

Since that our direction is different, I will strongly suggest you to leave me alone because I, for sure, cannot accept weirdo as such. Unless you stop being a weirdo I will welcome you with open hands and I highly doubt so. Once a weirdo always a weirdo.

Furthermore, I really don't think I can put up with your disease and I can foresee that I cannot give you the attention you want. So, stay where you have always been and I'll be very thankful for that. Really really appreciate that. One last reminder, please leave me alone.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 4

Ahh ... then we headed to the place I wanted to visit. It's called Menara Taming Sari. It serves the purpose that Menara KL does. It goes up to I don't know how high up to have a view of Melaka.

Yo, that's me feeling all cool down in the air cond

Honestly, this is a disgrace. Please do something about this, it's a sore to the sight. We don't show what's not pleasant, alright?

See how clear the road is. I think I can only get this in KL on festivals, like really major festivals when everyone or almost everyone leave KL. That is when I feel I am the only human around.

Tadaa.... the river

Finally, the cakes. This is a famous place apparently and it isn't exactly cheap. If I am not mistaken, Jason brought me here before when I visited few years back. I must say that it's quite a cozy place to be in after a long afternoon walk.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Thieves

Finally, I've watched The Thieves, 도둑둘 all for the money, one for the revenge and a man by himself, a Korean production. It isn't purely Korean, it's a mixture of Korean, Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) and some English as well.

Damn, it's worth watching, action comedy. Of course, as expected and always had been, some scenes were censored. What's new right?

The casts are not the faces you have not seen before. They have been around and acting. Definitely a thumbs up.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 3

Let's do some visiting now. After all the burning and the sweating just to get to one destination.

Ahh ... fly like a plane. Boeing 007. haha.

Delighting you always

Then, we reached Dataran Pahlawan. This is like the major mall in Melaka. Ahh it's like Heaven

Let's prepare for Halloween's. It's just a month away since then, and now is like just a few days away.

Finally a nice view before leaving the mall

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Swimming Pool's Rules

Since that it has been quite awhile I did not swim, I decided to go swimming on my day off. Indoor swimming pool that is. When there is an option, I will always prefer indoor pool, rather than outdoor that will cause my skin to be unhealthy.

I have a few dissatisfaction though, it's just too double standard:
They don't allow girls to wear shorts, even though it's board shorts. WHY?! Why can guys wear knee length shorts and not girls with board shorts. WHY?!
Why must girls wear swimming cap and not guys? What if the guys' hair is long and the girls' hair is short? See again. It does not make much of a difference if the girls tie up their hair. WHY?!

This is ridiculous. Why is it that guys are always allowed to do certain things, and not girls. Of course, it doesn't make sense too if the girls are demanding for equality and yet certain things, the girls want to be treated as the fairer sex. I'm speaking from case to case, person to person.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 2

Here's after lunch. We were walking under the extremely hot burning sun. The fact that I did not come home BLACK is already an honor altogether.

Non-smoking area. I think this is only applicable in Jonker's street but the fact is non-smoking public outdoor area is just awesome. You know how non-smokers live by inhaling the leftover from the smokers. It's just irritating. You can't breathe the normal air.

Ahh canon .... haha

OMG! I'm really really amazed by this dude who can sleep under the hot sun though in the shed, with his legs straight hanging up in the air. hahaaa ...

Man, this is classic

And another train

Before & After

There are so many people going through plastic surgery in the name of beauty. I understand if you wanna cover up some scars, or enhance your beauty, but what I can never understand and accept is that people go beyond their looks until the extent that people can't recognize them anymore.

This means they have through major surgeries, not just minor nose job or the double eye lid, but some really major ones. Basically, from top to toe.

I notice that these people who go through all these surgeries tend to look the same. You're born as such for a reason. So, what does it benefit you by changing the way you look? So, it's all about insecurities. I know it isn't wrong to go for plastic surgery, but don't you feel awkward looking at your before and after outlook? Afterall, it's just outlook. Nothing else.

Just wonder, these people who go from top to toe, then one day, they decided it's time to start a family, give birth ... jang jang, and so happens that the kid follows the mother's genes ... heh ... how awkward. All the aftermath and after effect. Come to think about it, it's scary~

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 1

On my birthday, I went down to Melaka for a short trip away from the busy KL city. It's not that Melaka is that quiet and peaceful, but in comparison, it's a much better place to drive around rather than KL. Don't ask me why Malacca because there is no other place that I can think of which is not that far from KL.

Months ago, I booked this place called Casa Blanca Guest House from Agoda. Since that it was cheap and still is, we stayed another night there. It was initially planned for only one night, but considering the price, we took another night. The place is clean, a kitchen, water provided. If you're interested, you can call them directly at the number above there. Location wise is strategic, it's located directly opposite from Case De Rio and it's walking distance from Jonker Street. Parking is at 3 bucks per day.

Ahh ... slept too late, couldn't wake up for the original chicken rice ball. Ahhh~ I don't feel the oomph because it isn't the corner lot. Like sad, I know.

Call me kampung, but I really have not seen this kind of ice-cream before. There was a guy who walked past us, and I was wondering what was that. I thought was some sweet potato. Who knows, it turned out to be ice cream! OMG!

Biawak from the river ... this is my first ever time seeing a biawak from such a close distance

Tadaaa .. but this river smells ... like ewww ... I'm really not used to this

Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Bang - Monster

As Big Bang's fans are aware of this that their concert is barely 1 week away from now, I'm sure each and every single one is very hyped up and filled with anticipation for their upcoming concert. We have waited for 3 long months for this.

Presenting ... Monster. If you read Hangul, this is the lyrics. Ooh, did I say I love their MV sooooooooo much?!! Filled with strong emotions. Damn, I love it. After so much they have gone through for the past year. They have come back stronger, better, and FANTASTIC!

Those who have no idea, please view this

오랜만이야 못 본 사이 그댄 얼굴이 좋아 보여
예뻐졌다 넌 항상 내 눈엔 원래 고와 보여
근데 오늘따라 조금 달라 보여 유난히 뭔가 더 차가워 보여
나를 보는 눈빛이 동정에 가득 차있어 네 앞에서 난 작아 보여
괜찮은 척 애써 대화주제를 바꿔버려
묻고 싶은 말은 많은데 넌 딱 잘라버려
네 긴 머린 찰랑거려 내 볼을 때리곤 스쳐지나
뒤돌아선 곧장 가버려 여기서 널 잡으면 우스워지나
아무 말도 떠오르지 않죠 떨면서 넌 한두 발짝 뒤로
이젠 내가 무섭단 그 말 날 미치게 하는 너란 달
I love you baby I’m not a monster
넌 알잖아 예전 내 모습을 시간이 지나면 사라져 버릴 텐데
그 땐 알 텐데 baby
I need you baby I’m not a monster
날 알잖아 이렇게 가지마 너마저 버리면 난 죽어버릴 텐데
I’m not a monster
무슨 일이 있어도 영원하자고
슬플 때도 기쁠 때도 끝까지 하자고
You don’t say that tomorrow
오늘이 마지막인 것처럼 사랑하자고
너 없는 삶은 종신형 세상과 단절돼 돌 지경이야
너란 존재는 고질병 시련의 연속 마음 속 미련이야
세상사람들이 내게 돌린 등 모든 것이 베베 꼬여있던 눈초리들
내게 가장 큰 아픔은 (아픔은) 네가 그들 같아졌단 것뿐
I love you baby I’m not a monster
넌 알잖아 예전 내 모습을 시간이 지나면 사라져 버릴 텐데
그 땐 알 텐데 baby
I need you baby I’m not a monster
날 알잖아 이렇게 가지마 너마저 버리면 난 죽어버릴 텐데
I’m not a monster
가지마 가지마 가지마 떠나지 말아
하지마 하지마 하지마 너 같지않아
멀어진 채로 사랑은 걸러진 채로
찾지마 찾지마 찾지마 날 찾지 말아
마지막 마지막 마지막
네 앞에 서 있는
내 모습을 기억해줘 날 잊지 말아줘
I love you baby I’m not a monster
넌 알잖아 예전 내 모습을 시간이 지나면 사라져 버릴 텐데
그 땐 알 텐데 baby
I need you baby I’m not a monster
날 알잖아 이렇게 가지마 너마저 버리면 난 죽어버릴 텐데
I’m not a monster
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick
I think I’m sick

Of course .. the English translation

It’s been a while. Seems like you’re doing better since I’ve seen you last.
You got prettier too, though you always looked beautiful in my eyes
But you seem a little different today; you seem unusually cold
The gaze you put on me is full of pity
In front of you, I look small
I act like it’s fine, I try to change the subject.
I have a lot I want to ask, but you cut me off.
Your hair flows in the wind, and it hits me on my cheeks and leave.
You turn around and leave just like that,
would I look silly if I try to hold you back?
I cant think of anything to say.
Trembling, you take two steps back.
Your words that you are afraid of me
You are the one that makes me crazy
I love you, baby i’m not a monster
You know the old me
When the time passes, I will have to disappear
You’ll know then
I need you, baby i’m not a monster
You know me
It ends,
but if you leave me like this, I will die.
You say, let us be together forever no matter what happens.
You say, let us be together when we’re happy and when we’re sad.
You don’t (won’t) say that tomorrow..
I say, let’s love today as if it’s the last day.
Yo, the world without you is like a capital punishment
The world doesn’t go correctly without you
Your existence has become an incurable illness for me
Everyone may look at me with judging eyes,
but what really hurts is the fact that you have become a part of that
I love you, baby i’m not a monster
You know the old me
When the time passes, I will have to disappear
You’ll know then
I need you, baby i’m not a monster
You know me
It ends,
but if you leave me like this, I will die.
Don’t go, Don’t go, Don’t go, Don’t leave me
Don’t do this, Don’t do this, Don’t do this, You don’t seem to be yourself
Still far apart, With love still divided
Don’t look for me, Don’t look for me, Don’t look for me, Don’t look for me
Don’t do this, Don’t do this, Don’t do this,
Please remember the me that stood next to you
Please don’t ever forget me
I love you, baby i’m not a monster
You know the old me
When the time passes, I will have to disappear
You’ll know then baby
I need you, baby i’m not a monster
You know me
It ends,
but if you leave me like this, I will die.
I’m not a monster.
I think I’m sick,
I think I’m sick.
I think I’m sick,
I think I’m sick.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do or DON'T

I had a question asked to me today. If a girl has gone totally insane and out of her mind, can a guy raise his hands on her?

I know most people will say no as the answer, and especially girls, they say no matter in what circumstances it is, a guy should not raise their hands on the girls. This is usually the case, when the girl is innocent.

But, when the girl is not, I say it YES. She goes crazy, hitting the guy like a punch bag, go straggling the guy, as a defense, you should at least hit her back. Mind you, hitting to wake her up, and not abusing her. Blocking her and stopping her is not going to make a difference. Hitting her back IS going to make a difference. It might not be a right thing to do, but she deserves it and the most important, to wake her up.

Just like the most recent case on the news, like hey she was abused, there were marks on her body, but so what? It is indeed his fault for hitting her, but it does not mean that he is wrong entirely. If ever she did not do anything, will he even do this? I'm sure not. It's so obvious from the footage it was just a light push, she fell down, like wow, I must say that the falling down was impressive.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 6

This is the last part whereby we met Fufu during breakfast and he asked us to stay right up til the evening cocktail. Despite being tired and sleepy, we did just that.

Ahh so we had wine haha

Accompanied with salmon, damn, it's soooo fresh ... and wine refill and refill haha

Ahhh .... the three of us, the good ol' times

We miss you so

Just before we headed back with all the alcohol inside our body haha

We had such a great time there, thank you everyone for welcoming us in open hands

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 5

Good morning! After a night's sleep, it's time for breakfast. Almost, we did not manage to wake up for that. Nothing's new, right? haha.

Our morning breakfast with a great view of KLCC

Thank you to you too, it was an awesome stay. We loved it.

Then, it's us

Ahh so refreshing to be so high up

Our afternoon tea ^^

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hair Bun

It has been quite awhile that I have tried doing this and I have finally succeeded for this time. Haha

Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 4

In the night, we actually went to Skybar. Despite Skybar being there for years now, and despite us having worked so nearby there for 2.5 years, I did not even go there before. I know it's a sad thing. It used to be the IN thing where everyone need to go!! BUT, I did not. =.= I finally went after all these years. There were so many positive feedback saying woah it's a MUST go place, it's so beautiful and yada yada yada. SO, I finally got to see it myself. Initially, it was between Sky Bar or Marini 57, the newly open Skybar's competitor. We chose this.

This is MINE ... laichee Martini

Dede's ... don't know what is this

We were going down in the lift in Trader's Hotel.

Ahh I love KLCC I miss you so

Haha before we called it the night

Conclusion, Skybar to me is relatively boring. It's not as interesting or great as what has been said. Maybe, I have expected too much. Or perhaps, bars is not my kind of thing. At least, it's an experience. Let's conquer Marini 57 next.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Products for Skin

Here are some stuff that I've been using.I must say that I don't have the most stuff as I mainly use for basic cleansing. My whole skin care products are mainly foundation use such as cleanser til moisturizer. That is all that I use. But, apart from those basic daily regime, of course, we need a lil more than that.

Make up remover from Silky Girl. I've heard reviews around stating that the oil based make up remover is better and more effective. However, based on my personal opinion, I still prefer the cream based remover. The oil based leaves your skin very oily which I don't like. When you clean your eye area, that's when I dislike it the most because it leaves your vision very blur thereafter. This has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract too! It doesn't give you the dryness after using it. Cool.

Holika Holika, this is one of the top brands in Korea. The price range of the product might be a lil above average. I don't know how much exactly is this and I have just started using this. I must say that I really like this leaving your skin smooth and moisturized even after the night spending in the air cond room.

This is not something I'm a fan of. BB Cream from Etude House. The tube sometimes gives me problem when I tried pressing it out, it doesn't. As and when it's not in the good mood, it doesn't come out. Maybe it's my skin, but I feel that it's way too white. It can't really blend into my skin. Sometimes, I feel it's okay, and sometimes I feel it isn't. Most of the time, I feel it's too creamy though I have put just few dots all over my face. Perhaps, I'm just not meant to be using this BB Cream.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 3

It was after our nap, or so-called nap, we went to hunt for dinner. We were supposed to be eating in Club Floor for the cocktail, but we didn't manage to as we were meeting out ex-colleague who is still working there. Obviously, we can't be eating in Club Floor then.

That's our dinner ... in KLCC. Sat there for one whole night. What a blessing. Ahh we over ordered. Haha a lesson for being so greedy. Sorry~

After all the talkings and catching ups, we then went to Grand Hyatt. Like, how amazing it is as this had been anticipated by almost all hoteliers and ex-hoteliers like yours truly. After the survey, I must say that I am rather disappointed with everything there. From the concept, to the quality of the employees. So much for the anticipation.

Then, we got back to our room, ahh .. turn down service done. Good.

My birthday cake haha thank you. I don't know why since when the cake became so much bigger, double the size from before.

Then, it's us. Happy Birthday to me. haha.


How time flies. One year ago, I tendered my resignation. It was one of my best feelings. It's no longer "I wanna leave too" you know that sad feeling when your colleagues get to go and leave and move on with another phrase of life, and you are meant to be just there. The feeling sucks. It was MY time. It was my turn to leave, leaving others feeling jealous instead.

I know my decision was a very right decision. I have never regretted anything. Not once have I looked back to think and say "how I wish I was still there" or that "I miss working there." For this one year, I only felt that I should have left sooner. There's no great moment, there's no nostalgic moment. It's more like the earlier, the better. It's a freedom of life that I get to leave that I no longer live a world of my own.

Things had changed so much for one year and I must say that things are looking so amazing now. I'm glad that things got better, I live happier, and I could not have imagined how great my life had been ever since I left the miserable place. When you had clients telling you to leave, is a bad sign to be working there and you know, your time is up working there. It's time to go. How evil can someone be and how cruel can they be, I'm glad I did not have that opportunity to witness that.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

반다 New Family Member

Alright. So there comes an additional family member. The dude in the middle is the newest member.

The others have been here for 6 months. Weee~ 반다! He has been receiving a lot of love as well as attention from people around. Please people, it's love and not abuse okay?Understand? 알았어? Thank you. 감사합니다.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 2

We came back to the hotel after shopping. I mean, tried to shop. Ever since they build the bridge over to Pavillion, it's so convenient to walk over there. Say Goodbye to the sun and rain. Bridge is also air conditioned. How awesome, right?

This is where the queen slept that night

The facilities and the benefits you get from the club floor. Enjoy it while you can. Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, and Evening Cocktail. Live like royalty.

This is the classic key access haha. I have so many of this at home. Over the years, I have been bringing this home for God knows what or why.

See, you get to be healthy too! It's not for display purpose, it's meant to be consumed.

Finally, to keep you hydrated. haha. Water tasted sweeter too haha