Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Before & After

There are so many people going through plastic surgery in the name of beauty. I understand if you wanna cover up some scars, or enhance your beauty, but what I can never understand and accept is that people go beyond their looks until the extent that people can't recognize them anymore.

This means they have through major surgeries, not just minor nose job or the double eye lid, but some really major ones. Basically, from top to toe.

I notice that these people who go through all these surgeries tend to look the same. You're born as such for a reason. So, what does it benefit you by changing the way you look? So, it's all about insecurities. I know it isn't wrong to go for plastic surgery, but don't you feel awkward looking at your before and after outlook? Afterall, it's just outlook. Nothing else.

Just wonder, these people who go from top to toe, then one day, they decided it's time to start a family, give birth ... jang jang, and so happens that the kid follows the mother's genes ... heh ... how awkward. All the aftermath and after effect. Come to think about it, it's scary~

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