Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 4

In the night, we actually went to Skybar. Despite Skybar being there for years now, and despite us having worked so nearby there for 2.5 years, I did not even go there before. I know it's a sad thing. It used to be the IN thing where everyone need to go!! BUT, I did not. =.= I finally went after all these years. There were so many positive feedback saying woah it's a MUST go place, it's so beautiful and yada yada yada. SO, I finally got to see it myself. Initially, it was between Sky Bar or Marini 57, the newly open Skybar's competitor. We chose this.

This is MINE ... laichee Martini

Dede's ... don't know what is this

We were going down in the lift in Trader's Hotel.

Ahh I love KLCC I miss you so

Haha before we called it the night

Conclusion, Skybar to me is relatively boring. It's not as interesting or great as what has been said. Maybe, I have expected too much. Or perhaps, bars is not my kind of thing. At least, it's an experience. Let's conquer Marini 57 next.


tIcKLeMe said...

test test.

weird. i commented earlier and it went missing. :"(

Panda said...

Oh apa jadi

tIcKLeMe said...

Dunno wor... I refresh see my comment Sudah hilang...

Panda said...

I tried to comment on yours too n error lolz

tIcKLeMe said...

eh? i can comment wor. HAHA.

woaaa.. just saw the photo of you and yuwen. lawa!!! :O

Anonymous said...

I heard Marini's :D