Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 6

This is the last part whereby we met Fufu during breakfast and he asked us to stay right up til the evening cocktail. Despite being tired and sleepy, we did just that.

Ahh so we had wine haha

Accompanied with salmon, damn, it's soooo fresh ... and wine refill and refill haha

Ahhh .... the three of us, the good ol' times

We miss you so

Just before we headed back with all the alcohol inside our body haha

We had such a great time there, thank you everyone for welcoming us in open hands


lpj said...

wa stay fr bfast to evning koktale ah...who dis fufu ah

Panda said...

yeah stayed from day before til evening cocktail haha ... fufu is my ex-manager haha ^^

Anonymous said...

Dude sultan lounge any good?


Panda said...

I've not been there myself since it was opened. I like the ambience tho. Crowd wise - rich kids haha