Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Products for Skin

Here are some stuff that I've been using.I must say that I don't have the most stuff as I mainly use for basic cleansing. My whole skin care products are mainly foundation use such as cleanser til moisturizer. That is all that I use. But, apart from those basic daily regime, of course, we need a lil more than that.

Make up remover from Silky Girl. I've heard reviews around stating that the oil based make up remover is better and more effective. However, based on my personal opinion, I still prefer the cream based remover. The oil based leaves your skin very oily which I don't like. When you clean your eye area, that's when I dislike it the most because it leaves your vision very blur thereafter. This has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract too! It doesn't give you the dryness after using it. Cool.

Holika Holika, this is one of the top brands in Korea. The price range of the product might be a lil above average. I don't know how much exactly is this and I have just started using this. I must say that I really like this leaving your skin smooth and moisturized even after the night spending in the air cond room.

This is not something I'm a fan of. BB Cream from Etude House. The tube sometimes gives me problem when I tried pressing it out, it doesn't. As and when it's not in the good mood, it doesn't come out. Maybe it's my skin, but I feel that it's way too white. It can't really blend into my skin. Sometimes, I feel it's okay, and sometimes I feel it isn't. Most of the time, I feel it's too creamy though I have put just few dots all over my face. Perhaps, I'm just not meant to be using this BB Cream.


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