Tuesday, October 9, 2012


How time flies. One year ago, I tendered my resignation. It was one of my best feelings. It's no longer "I wanna leave too" you know that sad feeling when your colleagues get to go and leave and move on with another phrase of life, and you are meant to be just there. The feeling sucks. It was MY time. It was my turn to leave, leaving others feeling jealous instead.

I know my decision was a very right decision. I have never regretted anything. Not once have I looked back to think and say "how I wish I was still there" or that "I miss working there." For this one year, I only felt that I should have left sooner. There's no great moment, there's no nostalgic moment. It's more like the earlier, the better. It's a freedom of life that I get to leave that I no longer live a world of my own.

Things had changed so much for one year and I must say that things are looking so amazing now. I'm glad that things got better, I live happier, and I could not have imagined how great my life had been ever since I left the miserable place. When you had clients telling you to leave, is a bad sign to be working there and you know, your time is up working there. It's time to go. How evil can someone be and how cruel can they be, I'm glad I did not have that opportunity to witness that.

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