Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 1

On my birthday, I went down to Melaka for a short trip away from the busy KL city. It's not that Melaka is that quiet and peaceful, but in comparison, it's a much better place to drive around rather than KL. Don't ask me why Malacca because there is no other place that I can think of which is not that far from KL.

Months ago, I booked this place called Casa Blanca Guest House from Agoda. Since that it was cheap and still is, we stayed another night there. It was initially planned for only one night, but considering the price, we took another night. The place is clean, a kitchen, water provided. If you're interested, you can call them directly at the number above there. Location wise is strategic, it's located directly opposite from Case De Rio and it's walking distance from Jonker Street. Parking is at 3 bucks per day.

Ahh ... slept too late, couldn't wake up for the original chicken rice ball. Ahhh~ I don't feel the oomph because it isn't the corner lot. Like sad, I know.

Call me kampung, but I really have not seen this kind of ice-cream before. There was a guy who walked past us, and I was wondering what was that. I thought was some sweet potato. Who knows, it turned out to be ice cream! OMG!

Biawak from the river ... this is my first ever time seeing a biawak from such a close distance

Tadaaa .. but this river smells ... like ewww ... I'm really not used to this