Monday, October 29, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 4

Ahh ... then we headed to the place I wanted to visit. It's called Menara Taming Sari. It serves the purpose that Menara KL does. It goes up to I don't know how high up to have a view of Melaka.

Yo, that's me feeling all cool down in the air cond

Honestly, this is a disgrace. Please do something about this, it's a sore to the sight. We don't show what's not pleasant, alright?

See how clear the road is. I think I can only get this in KL on festivals, like really major festivals when everyone or almost everyone leave KL. That is when I feel I am the only human around.

Tadaa.... the river

Finally, the cakes. This is a famous place apparently and it isn't exactly cheap. If I am not mistaken, Jason brought me here before when I visited few years back. I must say that it's quite a cozy place to be in after a long afternoon walk.