Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Swimming Pool's Rules

Since that it has been quite awhile I did not swim, I decided to go swimming on my day off. Indoor swimming pool that is. When there is an option, I will always prefer indoor pool, rather than outdoor that will cause my skin to be unhealthy.

I have a few dissatisfaction though, it's just too double standard:
They don't allow girls to wear shorts, even though it's board shorts. WHY?! Why can guys wear knee length shorts and not girls with board shorts. WHY?!
Why must girls wear swimming cap and not guys? What if the guys' hair is long and the girls' hair is short? See again. It does not make much of a difference if the girls tie up their hair. WHY?!

This is ridiculous. Why is it that guys are always allowed to do certain things, and not girls. Of course, it doesn't make sense too if the girls are demanding for equality and yet certain things, the girls want to be treated as the fairer sex. I'm speaking from case to case, person to person.


lpj said...

boardshort for beach 1... but wat pool got dis farni ruls ah...

Panda said...

Still makes no sense to me