Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour in KL Part 2

I was hoping and trying to read the weather that it won't rain on that particular day. No matter how much I have tried to pray and hope, luck was not on my side. So, it rained quite heavily. No matter how heavy the rain is, no rain can stop us from being there, from making this happen. It was because of the rain that it was delayed for 15 minutes as they need to sweep the water down from the stage or else I strongly believe they will start on time. There's something about Korean acts, they start on time unlike the other acts which I've attended who are from the Western countries.

That's how far we were. Still, out tickets price range is better than the 300+ or is it 200+ as theirs are even farther away from us. I don't mind standing as I don't feel my legs in pain at all as the attention and focus was on the 5 boys

That's us after the concert. Life has been so great.

Ahh ... the news of the successful concert the next day. I have attended a few concerts in the past and I must say that this time, it was such an awesome and great night that it had very much exceeded my expectations. Until now, it's still very fresh in my mind. They have sung so many songs, from them as a group, from their debut years to their solo albums and to this current album. They have all been marvelous. The performance throughout the night has been splendid. And .. because of this, Tae Yang had slipped. Damn, I just love their accents, sooo attractive! Til then, Big Bang, I hope to see you again here!!! Jongmal Gamsa Hamnida ^^

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