Saturday, November 10, 2012


Dramas are like my daily routine. It keeps following me wherever I go. No matter how hard I try to run away from those chosen people, they keep on coming back. Even though I have get rid from these kind of people, new ones keep on coming. There's no way I can eliminate them completely.

It's good to know and have friends from different background, different beliefs and different personality. But, I really don't wish to stick around to those who have too contrasting personalities because eventually there's a clash and that causes issues.

I have gone through this before, hanging around with over sensitive people, those who have mood swings like KL's weather, and those who crave for attention and pamperings. I know you're gonna say all girls want that. I beg to differ. Not all because I don't. I don't crave those stuff and in fact I'll appreciate it more if people can just leave me alone and I'll be more than happy. Those people have been dismissed from my life and I don't plan to go through all this once again.

If you're not happy for what has been said to you, and if that happens to be facts, an apology should not be uttered.  If all you ever want is to stay mad and show out your anger and frustration due to your sensitive nature, please go ahead. Nobody holds the responsibility of filtering what they say to you just because you're a sensitive creature. If you can't take it, it's time to start learning and learn how to adapt because with that nature, you're gonna be in real trouble.

Well, not many are patient enough to let you cool off then talk to you again then you end up being all mad and so the circle continues until one party fed up and leave. Again, nobody deserves that. Why does everyone have to put up with you just because you are being sensitive? Makes no sense, right? Honestly, that's just sickening.

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