Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short Trip to Melaka Part 5

Here we are already on the 5th Part of the Melaka trip.

These are the bottles kept my the owner of the house. Damn awesome, right?

Jonker Street seems relatively quiet. Perhaps, it was a weekday I'm not too sure. Many shops closed by sunset and just a few were still opened.

We then had a ride along the Melaka River Cruise. It's a windy evening. I must say that it's quite a distance.

Tadaa ....

The expensive hotel - Casa del rio haha


lpj said...

wei ur life stori lyk siris hor... bely interestin ^^

Panda said...

Haha izzit

lpj said...

yalor got suspense dis part dat part. den oso got folow by.. den its us. dat "us" is sumtin specel hor i tink. but always wit gf not bf?

Anonymous said...

Those bottles are epic! Hahaha :D


Panda said...

lpj: hahaha ... yea lah dont wanna put so many pics in one post. lolz, always girls ;)

Brian: Yah man I'm damn impressed haha