Monday, November 5, 2012

The Clingy One

When I was younger, I have always wondered, why some girls, or rather, many girls, cling to their bfs 24/7. It's not like their bfs are going to run away if they don't. Fact is, if they wanna run away, no matter how tight they cling, they are still going to leave.

When you have guy friends whose gfs are clingy, that's going to be a major issue. You can say goodbye to that friend until they break up.

The insecurities, the self-esteem, the jealousy, I don't know what else. Even from a third party, I feel that's just torturing and it's so suffocating that it feels like you can't breathe. Of course, the ratio of girls being as such is much higher than guys. The issue lies in the party that clings.

You shouldn't cling to someone like that as it does not only torture the other party, but it makes you look very very unattractive. Unattractiveness brings to a whole new level where people just are not interested in you which will then affect your self-worth. You must not revolve your life around him and only him because that naturally makes him lose interest. Then, he goes further and further away from you. There you go, being all pathetic in one corner, even more unattractive. There comes the feeling fearing that you will be unwanted.

Bingo! It's all related. So, don't start one, and the others shall not follow.


lpj said...

ya lor no gud kling2 lyk klingon. but my problem iz gf dowan me as bf. den later cum bak say miz me but my hart adi no more le..

Panda said...

That kind of girl no point having, get another one ^^

lpj said...

bely tired...guess no nid easier. no 1 2 ask me where i go or wat time bak. @#(*&

Panda said...

Depends what kind of girl is that, haha not all girls will be like that ^^