Monday, December 31, 2012

오빠 생일 축하해요

It's already the last day of the year. It's rare to have 오빠 birthday celebration because as it is concern, he's always not in KL. Anyways, this year is an exception.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Summary of 2012

Ahh, it's already end of the year. How time really flies huh? I've never wanted the time to fly. It never happened in any time of my life. Many that I know wanted to grow up fast when they were in school. I had the different thoughts, I wanted to stay in school forever haha. Let's take a look, a summary of 2012

It was Chinese New Year. Nothing so great, nothing happened, which I guess it's good news

Hm, it was Valentine's haha, super commercialized these days. In Korea, Feb 14th is meant for the girls to give a gift to the guys. How sad, right? You need to declare your feelings.

Ah, I had rash after eating some seafood in a restaurant. I am sure it isn't because it's SEAFOOD, but more like I believe it isn't clean. I have no issues eating seafood, as my rash and allergy usually is based on the external stuff like dust, or that the food is not clean enough. March 14th is the time when Korean men will respond to the girls. Tadaa~ Ooh btw, I was again, back to Square one waited for someone, forever. This was actually the turning point of me wanting to stop everything we had. That's it.

This was one of the greatest month I ever had in the entire year. This was when three of us packed our bags to Korea for 11 days. Life was so great. No complaints.

It's one of the most difficult moment of the year, to get used to the working life again. I miss Korea.

It was from this month onwards, the crime rate increased dramatically. Ladies get robbed at the carparks so frequently.

It was Dede's birthday and surprise surprise, we did not club or anything. Instead, all we did was to go to The Hill's for dinner. This has to be a major change from previous years. Ooh and of course, I went to Singapore.

Hmm, Independence Day but not so independent I believe. Things are changing now. We shall wait to see the change here. And yea, we went to Bukit Tinggi, nothing changed, but it got warmer there.

It's my birthday and of course it's special because we stayed again at the place we worked, and our beloved was already leaving to another department. How sad! And yeah, I had a short trip to Melaka. I was then diagnosed with another disease. OMG!

One of the important months because Big Bang performed upon our eyes and we were so moved, touched, impressed, with all kinds of emotions jumbled up.

My one year anniversary with my job haha, kinda impressed. Time flies.

It's a busy month, brother is back. My online shopping got more extreme, which is a bad thing. Oh no. It's a Family Outing month, not family family, but the variety show haha, ooh and yeah that one too, the family outings.

Overall, I think it's quite a stable year but hoping that 2013 can be a better year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bribery & Corruption

I do know that wherever we go, which country it is, when we talk about governing a country, this subject is a definite. It's none other than anti-corruption. It's all about you should not, it's not supposed to but when it comes to reality, everyone does it. The difference is whether you are the one giving, receiving and how much is the amount.

Out of curiosity, I really wonder how is it possible to live without having to deal with this. It isn't about that's a clean world, but more like damn, things will be so difficult. We have all sorts of organizations just to detect and punish all these fellas yet ... And the major criminal isn't you or me, but them and them.

Sometimes, it isn't that I support act as such but more like I'm left without a choice to go on with life. For example, if someone were to be caught drunk driving, do you think they prefer to bribe the cops or get locked up? Not that I drink and drive. Let's just say if it's a normal offense like speeding or you were not wearing your safety belt, and you were tight on budget for those few months with income tax is due, insurance, road tax and etc you got no extra cash, do you bribe for 20 bucks or add another at least 80 bucks? That happens when you're lacking of cash. These days isn't like that. People opt to pay summon legally even though it's troublesome and it's expensive because I believe everyone's sick bout this.

There's one area that leave you without an option. Taking your driving license. I've not known anyone who has passed their driving test without having a need to bribe the people. Like, seriously. I think those who had gone there share the same experience. We speak the same language. I was told and informed too that it's mandatory or else kiss your license goodbye. Not sure if anything had changed ever since my time. I'm pretty sure things changed for the worse, as always. This will be no exception, either maintained or it got worse.

Sad huh the world we are in. Well oh well. Asi es la vida heh. :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Mini Ceramic Coated Curler

I bought this hair curler few months back. I was contemplating if I should really get it, more like do I really need it. I decided to go for it.

It's a Korean product so don't expect it to be that cheap like china or Malaysian product. I had a hair curler of 50 bucks before. It was indeed cheap but the quality was really bad.

First, you need to heat the curler up which takes forever before you can use it. The design of it isn't sleek looking. After curling, it leaves your hair ... Dry.

Again, how can I compare those 2 products, right? How can a 50 bucks product have a quality of a 100 over product. Yeah, it was 100 plus but I feel it was worth the buy.

First, it has to look good to use. It's very sleek looking, small enough to carry in your bag which means its perfect for travelling. The heating up does not take forever. It takes only maybe 15 seconds. If you leave it on for 20 mins without using, it will go into sleep mode automatically. The quality is the most important, it doesn't leave your hair dry. You can either curl your hair, straighten or volume up your hair. It's of course ceramic coated, that's what many curlers have these days. I used that for my annual dinner and the curls lasted til the end of it. I did not use any gel or anything, just the normal everyday oil. The only disadvantage if you are not a hair person like me is that it requires you to have a lot of practices.

This is a shop opened by a Korean lady, ah damn awesome. It's located in Publika, not sure if they have other branches. It's called The Sop.

Apart from this curler, I've purchased some other stuff as well and though it might cost more than the average price, but the quality is really there. I don't mind paying more to get a much more satisfactory result.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The 7th Year

"Any friendship that exceeds the 7 year mark is more likely to last an entire lifetime."

That's what I got from a tweet. 7 isn't a very good number. I've heard about the 7 year mark for relationships, and I thought it was more for couple relationships rather than friendships. Didn't know it works the same way.

From what I've heard previously, a couple that hits the 7 year mark, is a time for decision, to get married or break up. If you continue, problems arise. Of course, it's just a belief, it's not exactly true. However, depends how you wanna believe and if you do, til what extent. I don't really wanna believe it, it's just an old saying. I've heard nevertheless bout those fellas I know of who break up after 7 years because they didn't get married. But then again, it's all in the mind. If you're so worried and concern in the mind, according to the Law if Attraction, it will happen.

There are already a few who passed the 7 year mark. Nothing happened. Just maybe one or two that I'm surprised we actually reached this far. I'm really surprised despite all that happened throughout the years that we know. Heh. Not sure if that's a good news or a bad one.

Anyway, a break up, a separation, a parting ways and equivalent can happen just anytime and anywhere. The universe will not wait til the 7th mark to break you up. When it happens, it just does. It may happen within the first year or it can also happen after 14 years or even more.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's just half an hour before it hits 12 midnight, and before it is officially Christmas Day. This has got to be the quietest Christmas I ever had in recent years. It is usually gift exchange, dinners, parties, this and that.

This year has been rather quiet, I don't wanna make any plans. Instead, I stayed home, watch telly and I'm all happy. It's great to be staying home.

Nothing's wrong with me, I just prefer to stay home these days. It's the season of staying home I reckoned.

And yeah .. my drawing courtesy of Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas everyone !!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Books from Big Bad Wolf

If you are a book lover, this is the event you'll be looking forward to annually. It's the Big Bad Wolf book sale. This is D event that has slash prices in books. Books come at prices at 8 bucks, and those books are not rejected, boring, and unwanted books. It's the books that you see in MPH, Borders, or whatever you name it.

This is held in Mine's from 7-23 Dec. For the first 3 days, it was running for 24 hours non-stop, and for the last 3 days too, which means, it's ending at 9 PM tonight, considering it's already passed 12 midnight.

This is my first time there and there are just so many books I don't know where to start. I had some hand workaround throughout the whole time I was there. Ahh my one year supply of books.

I must say that I wasn't very pleased with the people there, meaning, the cashier. I was there just to pay for my books and that's it. That's all I'm asking. I had 13 books in total in my hands. For some reason that got into their sick head, they separated the 1 book away from that 12 books. This means, overlooking that 1 book that I need. Hence, they of course did not charge me for that, plus they took it away, and that left me very very unhappy. Instead of 13, I had 12.

It didn't end there of course. I only realized it after I got home. Then, I checked the receipt I got. Very intelligently, they just gave me my credit card receipt and not the actual receipt, telling me I should not claim for income tax heh. I do not care for what reason, but this is not acceptable.

I tried looking for the contact number and it cannot be found. Hence, I went to their FB, I tried contacting them and asked them to reprint me a receipt. Of course, what can I expect. There's no response so far it has been 8 hours minimum since I contacted them. What a shame.

Yeah, the bookmarks I got. Still!! I got my own bookmarks, I don't need yours. Just give me my receipt!! I know sometimes human do make mistakes but not giving me my receipt, something it's MINE, is totally unacceptable. Really.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Desperate people are always known as very unattractive no matter how you see that.

This term desperado were used on guys those days. Nowadays, it doesn't really matter anymore. You can be a girl, a guy and a whatever, you can still be a despo.

See, when you get involved with someone who already has a family, and even though it might be the guy who did the initial move, you will still be labelled as such, plus cheap of course. Nobody in the world will be able to understand your position unless that person had done the same stuff as you.

He might be wrong to be doing the initial move, but the other one who went all crazy over him is just not right. If you have common sense, then you will be able to answer this. Who in the world chooses her over the own wife and family? See, you choose wife you get 2 or more, you choose her, you get 0 or just 1. You know his condition and situation yet you plunge into that, in the end of the day, cried all the way til to the point of getting depressed and all that shit.

An outsider of all this will not understand what you go through. Instead, they will laugh at you because you certainly deserve that. Play with fire and that's what you get. It's karma of trying to break people's family apart.

If you learn, you will get back on your feet and start anew. If you don't learn, you will continue being a despo. Maybe, once you are, you will always be. It's a life you choose. It's the path you take. You can never blame others for what happen. As long as you're happy, I'm wishing people like that, good luck and all the best.

My New Glasses

It's already the end of the year and I gotta claim what I'm entitled for. That's not including MC. I don't plan to get or take any MC. I'm a hard core employee whereby even I'm approved to stay home, I prefer to work.

So I went to the optical to get a new specs though I just got it this year as that was not my claim. Back then it was buy one free one.

Anyways, I got a new set with black frame. There's no difference actually except the color. The one I'm using currently is in dark red and the new one is the typical black.

Honestly, I like it. Thank you, boss. Haha.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kim Jong Kook - Men Are All Like That 남자가 다 그렇지 뭐

Though he has a long list of success, I only found out about Kim Jong Kook when he released the song "Don't Be Good To Me" after his military service when I saw a video on MTV back then. When I heard his voice, I was like, this guy's voice is different, he can sing in such a high tone. Wow. Then, only I found out that his voice is known as "mosquito voice" haha.

Recently, not exactly recent though, he released a song called "Men Are All Like That." I love that video so much because it features one of my fave ... Song Joong Ki. haha. If you watch variety shows, I'm sure you know him. He's a regular in Running Man and Family Outing. :)

Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago dareugenni
Cheoeumen da akkyeojwodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago teukbyeolhalkka
Ni mameul da gajyeodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo

Jabeul su eobseul geot gatdeon ni mami
Jogeumssik nae sonane deureoodeoni
Ijen na eobsin sal su eopdan mari budamseureowo

Hoksina bamsae mami byeonhaesseul kkabwa
Nun tteumyeon moksoril hwaginhaebogo
Jigeumi yeongwonhagireul baraenneunde

Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago dareugenni
Cheoeumen da akkyeojwodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago teukbyeolhalkka
Ni mameul da gajyeodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo

Myeot bunigo geujeo baraman bogo
Son noheumyeon irheulkka himkkeot jwieotgo
Heeojime aswiwo myeot beonigo dorabwanneunde
Ijen neoboda apseoseo gireul geotgo
Malhal ttae deoneun ni nuneul bojil anko
Neol saranghaji anhaseoga aninde

Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago dareugenni
Cheoeumen da akkyeojwodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo narago teukbyeolhalkka
Ni mameul da gajyeodo naragabeorigo maneun
Namjaga da geureochi mwo

Yeojaga da geureochi mwo neorago dareugenni
Nae mameul da algodo doraogireul baraneun
Yeojaga da geureochi mwo neorago teukbyeolhalkka
Anin jul almyeonseodo majimak igil baraneun
Yeojaga da geureochi mwo

Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any different
I valued you at first but then I flew away
Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any special
I had all of your heart but then I flew away
Men are all like that

It seemed like I could never catch your heart
But little by little, your heart became to come into my hands
Now I feel burdened when you say you can’t live without me

I used to stay up all night, worried that your heart would change
When I opened my eyes, I called you to make sure of your voice
I used to hope that the moment would last forever

Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any different
I valued you at first but then I flew away
Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any special
I had all of your heart but then I flew away
Men are all like that

I used to just look at you for minutes
I held your hand tight, afraid that I might lose you if I let go
I used to be sad when we said goodbye so I turned back multiple times

Now I walk ahead of you
When we talk, I don’t look at your eyes
But it’s not because I don’t love you

Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any different
I valued you at first but then I flew away
Men are all like that, I wouldn’t be any special
I had all of your heart but then I flew away
Men are all like that

Women are all like that, you wouldn’t be any different
You knew my heart but you hoped that I’d return
Women are all like that, you wouldn’t be any special
You knew it wasn’t but hoped that I would be your last
Women are all like that

남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 나라고 다르겠니
처음엔 다 아껴줘도 날아가버리고 마는
남자가 다 그렇지 뭐 나라고 특별할까
니 맘을 다 가져도 날아가버리고 마는
남자가 다 그렇지 뭐

잡을 수 없을 것 같던 니 맘이
조금씩 내 손안에 들어오더니
이젠 나 없인 살 수 없단 말이 부담스러워

혹시나 밤새 맘이 변했을 까봐
눈 뜨면 목소릴 확인해보고
지금이 영원하기를 바랬는데

몇 분이고 그저 바라만 보고
손 놓으면 잃을까 힘껏 쥐었고
헤어짐에 아쉬워 몇 번이고 돌아봤는데
이젠 너보다 앞서서 길을 걷고
말할 때 더는 니 눈을 보질 않고
널 사랑하지 않아서가 아닌데

여자가 다 그렇지 뭐 너라고 다르겠니
내 맘을 다 알고도 돌아오기를 바라는
여자가 다 그렇지 뭐 너라고 특별할까
아닌 줄 알면서도 마지막 이길 바라는
여자가 다 그렇지 뭐

Monday, December 17, 2012

IMAX TGV is open

After the long wait renovation, TGV IMax 1 Utama finally opened its doors few days ago. This time it's located the floor above Isetan and the escalator is located just outside Toy R Us.

It looks so much better now compared to before which is way bad. I mean, it has to be better right? The settings and all is pretty awesome I feel. Nice!

So, that's when I watched Life of Pi, the fantasy adventure novel that was written many years back, directed by Ang Lee. It's about a boy who was looking for who he is spiritually, who was the only survivor or the only few ones from a shipwreck. He then gotta survive with a tiger called Richard Parker. It's quite a meaningful movie, worth a watch.

The next day, I watched The Hobbit. Despite its box office success, it's definitely not something I have enjoyed. It was very draggy and boring. The not-so-much adventure took us just a lil under 3 hours sitting there. The question is, is it really even necessary to produce this movie? Hmm. Maybe, it's a much simpler version of the whole LOTR, it focused on the hobbit with the drawfs. I think I enjoyed the part with Gollum the most haha.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Those kind

Someone told me that I'll be like "those kind" real soon. This person was referring to cheapos.

I beg to differ. Well, difference is I have class. I use my brain to think. They use their heart and body. That's what breaks us apart. Furthermore, I'm not interested in alcohol, the second hand cigarette, or crazy music anymore. Maybe, they are young and it's just the beginning. I have done that 10 years ago. Time to stick with old school bar. Haha.

You can say I've done that and it's really easy to pick that up again. It's easy if I love their companion. However, they are not people I would love to hang out with because we certainly live different kind of lifestyles.

That one person who knows how are they like and yet end up becoming one of them.

I can assure that I won't be like that. Even though the majority wins, so what? Sole survivor or not does not matter, but with my mental strength I have is definitely a sure win. I won't be like that. Contrasting personalities and the differentiation in beliefs will end up in separate path and that's what I am looking at. ^^ it's also the best ending of a story.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The missing ring

Few months back, I went up to Genting and I came home as a very sad person. Not because I didn't wanna go to work, or I didn't win any money, or I didn't get to play in the theme park. It's more like I dropped my ring. My precious ring of 2 years over.

And, it's back with me. I really did drop my ring in Genting but I managed to get it back on my finger. How? Simple. Because I dropped it in my back in Genting and that's considered dropping in Genting too, right? Haha ^^ ahhh my ring, how I miss you so much

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Your friends say a lot about you

There's a saying that goes "who you hang out with says a lot about you."

If the people you hang out with are all very intelligent people, others will conclude that you are one of those geniuses as well even though in actual fact you might not be in that standard of your friends.

That's just the general example. But, when it gets more critical, the reality sucks. It happens a lot if one of your friends are just very unhealthy or very unattractive. Not in a physical way, but more towards the attitude.

People absorb negative attitude easier, and more effective. You just need one of those and there will be a conclusion people will have.

If for instance, one of your friends is someone who is wild, super party girl, sleep around with random guys, do not have any pride and dignity, what can others think? Some might be nice enough to say well, maybe it's just her. But, many will just say then all of them must be like that. That's a very typical remark.

So, look out for people you hang out with. I do know people as such but I definitely will not regard them as my friends because that wouldn't benefit me in any way. They will only tarnish my image I have and I don't like these kind of species around me. It gives me a very negative aura. There's just something in them that I wouldn't be able to understand. Everyone knows why they are doing it, it all boils down to the attention they are seeking. All I can is to distance myself from them and I believe that by doing so, I'll be living my life truthfully. Maybe, they prefer the kind of life that makes them grow old prematurely, but I don't.

No wonder all of them look much older than they really are. Continue doing what you want and happy of, I have no issues with that. As long as people's happy, that's all that matters. For me, I'm happy living a day life now, I feel healthier I don't feel my skin being dehydrated and such.

I don't like that kind of lifestyle, and I don't like the term cheapo, desperate or anything equivalent. The best is to distance, and healthy, positive energy will come to you. With them around, the positive energy will fade as the negative energy comes. That's a very important essence of life - positive energy. Choose the people you hang out with. You do not want a super gloomy, emotional and depressed person in your life as eventually, you will become that person. That is just another example.

That's how sad our community is these days. It's not wrong to be that, it will be judged. If you love being as such,by all means. YOLO right?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

반지 My Ring

Weeee I've got a new ring ^^ it's called panji in Korean.

My bling bling for the time being

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. Romeo

I feel so disgusted.

Already have a family at home, yet certain people be it male or female, still try their luck to flirt with others. Or, those who are attached, not necessarily married, trying to flirt with those who are already married, geez! Tell me how sick are these people are.

Having some sort of rights don't really mean that you have to utilize every single one you have. If you are a king then I have nothing to say because you for sure have tons of money and will not have to be afraid of money deprivation.

Fact is you're not. First, you're not rich, you're not good looking and you're not young. Moreover, you have a family to feed. I wish that your wife knows what you are doing outside and strangle you and confiscate all your money. Then, your child lose the respect for you because you are a dirty old man.

All these people who thinks they are some sort of super hero or mr Romeo aye. Does that show your success in life? My gawd. Get a life and be a good husband and father. For God's sake.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tom, Dick & Harry

Few weeks back, Dede brought me to a place called Tom, Dick & Harry. It isn't your typical club or bar in KL where it's filled with loud music and chaotic crowd. It isn't anything like that. So, if you are looking for those, this is not a place for you.

Anyways, it was my first time there after seeing so many check ins by my friends in FB. This is MY turn to check in. I went to the quietest outlet which is in Old Klang. There was just one table occupied before I walked in. This is in fact a really nice place to hang out, or just to chill out with friends.

You know those noisy places, you need to scream and shout on top of your lungs to talk to the person opposite you. Afraid not, this is cool. It's a very olden days style of bars back in the days in the western countries which I like it a lot. It reminds me in some ways about Pickwick in Luzern. Awesome. Pickwick is like one of the most happening place there few years back!! Well, not that I'm there now, so I'm not sure if that remains. The place will be full especially during a football match. Back then, being much younger I opted for a club. Now that I'm bored with clubs, I prefer a chill out place instead and this is a place I will definitely return.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2 Individuals

People, buddies, friends drift apart due to different reasons. Some are just distances, that may not be able to keep in close contacts. Mostly are due to the respective busy schedule.

There are some that had drifted apart due to other reasons apart from these few. They might be really close at some point, to be hanging out with each other every other day. Then, there comes a point due to some sensitivity they had broken the bond apart. After the incident, things will not be the same.

Mentality, thoughts, might also separate two individuals apart. If both have way different personalities that cannot reach a mutual understanding, then things will not be as easy. It is in fact two person's mutual interest, mutual understanding or mutual activities that can bring 2 people together.

Have you ever heard that your bond will be stronger if you both dislike the same person? Think about it.

In this case, no doubt things are not the same. It is definitely a personality and mutual interest issue. A clash of personality. A, is loud, loves attention, boys, wild, drinks. B, soft, hates attention, and things other than what is liked by A. So, what can bring these 2 together? In fact, nothing. It's not surprising that they have fallen apart.

Being around an attention seeker is indeed very taxing, especially if you are someone who feels really uneasy and awkward when the attention is there at you. It's either you feel awkward, or you will feel annoyed at the other party's weak personality. Maybe, it's time to go to the own separate path and it's time to search for someone who fits into the same category as you. Separation is somehow coming your way. If there is someone else who has similar personality, it is common to believe that these 2 will make a good friendship unless they are targeting the same thing, such as the attention they yearn so much for. If they get it equally, then it's gonna be great or else oops.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doraemon Fair in Farenheit 88

Last weekend, I was in Farenheit and if you don't know already, they have Doraemon Fair there. For the current kids, you might or might not been exposed with Doraemon as much as those in the 80s. Well, not like we had a lot of cartoons back then right? I practically grew up reading and watching Doraemon haha.

They have one whole shelf displaying Doraemons

It's a closer version of it

In all the ones there, I think I like this two the most, from Giant and Panasonic

Look familiar? Yeah. It's Yellow!!

This is the sad sad story of why or how Doraemon lost his 2 ears

Now you know why Doralin is yellow and Doraemon is blue in color

Happy 100 Years!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Guys holding a lady's handbag

The generation is definitely changing. Just by walking in a shopping mall or anywhere else that has people, you can see guys holding their gfs' handbags.

As conservative as I am, I don't believe in guys holding the handbags for the girls. My reason behind this is that you are a guy for a reason. You are born as a guy so be like one. That includes not being all feminine by holding a lady's handbag. This isn't fashion.

To the girls who ask your bfs to hold your bag, do not blame me if I start laughing at the both of you, for, you deserve that laugh. Thank you for entertaining me.

Please stop all these stuff. This isn't fashion, this isn't cool and this isn't loving. This is called wanting to be the opposite gender. Just by doing this,it shows how un-man are you. You might appear to be the most macho guy in the world and the moment you are seen holding a handbag, this will ruin everything you have. Showing your love? That's bullshit. This isn't the way,

So, the next time before you offer to hold it, or the moment you are asked, please think carefully before doing so. It shows your manhood. Think properly which gender you belong to. Thank you.