Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bribery & Corruption

I do know that wherever we go, which country it is, when we talk about governing a country, this subject is a definite. It's none other than anti-corruption. It's all about you should not, it's not supposed to but when it comes to reality, everyone does it. The difference is whether you are the one giving, receiving and how much is the amount.

Out of curiosity, I really wonder how is it possible to live without having to deal with this. It isn't about that's a clean world, but more like damn, things will be so difficult. We have all sorts of organizations just to detect and punish all these fellas yet ... And the major criminal isn't you or me, but them and them.

Sometimes, it isn't that I support act as such but more like I'm left without a choice to go on with life. For example, if someone were to be caught drunk driving, do you think they prefer to bribe the cops or get locked up? Not that I drink and drive. Let's just say if it's a normal offense like speeding or you were not wearing your safety belt, and you were tight on budget for those few months with income tax is due, insurance, road tax and etc you got no extra cash, do you bribe for 20 bucks or add another at least 80 bucks? That happens when you're lacking of cash. These days isn't like that. People opt to pay summon legally even though it's troublesome and it's expensive because I believe everyone's sick bout this.

There's one area that leave you without an option. Taking your driving license. I've not known anyone who has passed their driving test without having a need to bribe the people. Like, seriously. I think those who had gone there share the same experience. We speak the same language. I was told and informed too that it's mandatory or else kiss your license goodbye. Not sure if anything had changed ever since my time. I'm pretty sure things changed for the worse, as always. This will be no exception, either maintained or it got worse.

Sad huh the world we are in. Well oh well. Asi es la vida heh. :)


lpj said...

this type of forces gr8er than us lor... 1 against many, we sure fail one. if not fail, too much pain must carry.

Panda said...

Sigh so sad haha