Thursday, December 20, 2012


Desperate people are always known as very unattractive no matter how you see that.

This term desperado were used on guys those days. Nowadays, it doesn't really matter anymore. You can be a girl, a guy and a whatever, you can still be a despo.

See, when you get involved with someone who already has a family, and even though it might be the guy who did the initial move, you will still be labelled as such, plus cheap of course. Nobody in the world will be able to understand your position unless that person had done the same stuff as you.

He might be wrong to be doing the initial move, but the other one who went all crazy over him is just not right. If you have common sense, then you will be able to answer this. Who in the world chooses her over the own wife and family? See, you choose wife you get 2 or more, you choose her, you get 0 or just 1. You know his condition and situation yet you plunge into that, in the end of the day, cried all the way til to the point of getting depressed and all that shit.

An outsider of all this will not understand what you go through. Instead, they will laugh at you because you certainly deserve that. Play with fire and that's what you get. It's karma of trying to break people's family apart.

If you learn, you will get back on your feet and start anew. If you don't learn, you will continue being a despo. Maybe, once you are, you will always be. It's a life you choose. It's the path you take. You can never blame others for what happen. As long as you're happy, I'm wishing people like that, good luck and all the best.


Cece said...

I became to know the word Despo. Thanks for nice contents!

Panda said...

Haha it's a short form for desperate

lpj said...

ppl becum despo cuz reach end of road lor... sumtime hard not to kritik but v must hv kompasion 4 dem lor... dis i must lern oso^^

Panda said...

It's not the end of the road. There are so many options but the person opted the worst. This person might think its the best but it will be the worst. Compassion is for those who deserves it. Those who don't, we shouldn't sympathize in any way too. Breaking people's family and demand the guy to choose between the wife and her. When the answer was not her, she went bonkers with never ending drama which was not necessary.

lpj said...

i nid mor visdom in ma lyf^^

Panda said...

Then, hmm .. happy learning :D