Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. Romeo

I feel so disgusted.

Already have a family at home, yet certain people be it male or female, still try their luck to flirt with others. Or, those who are attached, not necessarily married, trying to flirt with those who are already married, geez! Tell me how sick are these people are.

Having some sort of rights don't really mean that you have to utilize every single one you have. If you are a king then I have nothing to say because you for sure have tons of money and will not have to be afraid of money deprivation.

Fact is you're not. First, you're not rich, you're not good looking and you're not young. Moreover, you have a family to feed. I wish that your wife knows what you are doing outside and strangle you and confiscate all your money. Then, your child lose the respect for you because you are a dirty old man.

All these people who thinks they are some sort of super hero or mr Romeo aye. Does that show your success in life? My gawd. Get a life and be a good husband and father. For God's sake.


Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap


Panda said...

Haha what and why lolz