Sunday, December 30, 2012

Summary of 2012

Ahh, it's already end of the year. How time really flies huh? I've never wanted the time to fly. It never happened in any time of my life. Many that I know wanted to grow up fast when they were in school. I had the different thoughts, I wanted to stay in school forever haha. Let's take a look, a summary of 2012

It was Chinese New Year. Nothing so great, nothing happened, which I guess it's good news

Hm, it was Valentine's haha, super commercialized these days. In Korea, Feb 14th is meant for the girls to give a gift to the guys. How sad, right? You need to declare your feelings.

Ah, I had rash after eating some seafood in a restaurant. I am sure it isn't because it's SEAFOOD, but more like I believe it isn't clean. I have no issues eating seafood, as my rash and allergy usually is based on the external stuff like dust, or that the food is not clean enough. March 14th is the time when Korean men will respond to the girls. Tadaa~ Ooh btw, I was again, back to Square one waited for someone, forever. This was actually the turning point of me wanting to stop everything we had. That's it.

This was one of the greatest month I ever had in the entire year. This was when three of us packed our bags to Korea for 11 days. Life was so great. No complaints.

It's one of the most difficult moment of the year, to get used to the working life again. I miss Korea.

It was from this month onwards, the crime rate increased dramatically. Ladies get robbed at the carparks so frequently.

It was Dede's birthday and surprise surprise, we did not club or anything. Instead, all we did was to go to The Hill's for dinner. This has to be a major change from previous years. Ooh and of course, I went to Singapore.

Hmm, Independence Day but not so independent I believe. Things are changing now. We shall wait to see the change here. And yea, we went to Bukit Tinggi, nothing changed, but it got warmer there.

It's my birthday and of course it's special because we stayed again at the place we worked, and our beloved was already leaving to another department. How sad! And yeah, I had a short trip to Melaka. I was then diagnosed with another disease. OMG!

One of the important months because Big Bang performed upon our eyes and we were so moved, touched, impressed, with all kinds of emotions jumbled up.

My one year anniversary with my job haha, kinda impressed. Time flies.

It's a busy month, brother is back. My online shopping got more extreme, which is a bad thing. Oh no. It's a Family Outing month, not family family, but the variety show haha, ooh and yeah that one too, the family outings.

Overall, I think it's quite a stable year but hoping that 2013 can be a better year.


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jan-dec: plain white t

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