Friday, December 28, 2012

The Mini Ceramic Coated Curler

I bought this hair curler few months back. I was contemplating if I should really get it, more like do I really need it. I decided to go for it.

It's a Korean product so don't expect it to be that cheap like china or Malaysian product. I had a hair curler of 50 bucks before. It was indeed cheap but the quality was really bad.

First, you need to heat the curler up which takes forever before you can use it. The design of it isn't sleek looking. After curling, it leaves your hair ... Dry.

Again, how can I compare those 2 products, right? How can a 50 bucks product have a quality of a 100 over product. Yeah, it was 100 plus but I feel it was worth the buy.

First, it has to look good to use. It's very sleek looking, small enough to carry in your bag which means its perfect for travelling. The heating up does not take forever. It takes only maybe 15 seconds. If you leave it on for 20 mins without using, it will go into sleep mode automatically. The quality is the most important, it doesn't leave your hair dry. You can either curl your hair, straighten or volume up your hair. It's of course ceramic coated, that's what many curlers have these days. I used that for my annual dinner and the curls lasted til the end of it. I did not use any gel or anything, just the normal everyday oil. The only disadvantage if you are not a hair person like me is that it requires you to have a lot of practices.

This is a shop opened by a Korean lady, ah damn awesome. It's located in Publika, not sure if they have other branches. It's called The Sop.

Apart from this curler, I've purchased some other stuff as well and though it might cost more than the average price, but the quality is really there. I don't mind paying more to get a much more satisfactory result.


lpj said...

make new style 4 me 2c lor^^

Panda said...

Hahha I'm not too hardworking :P