Friday, December 14, 2012

Those kind

Someone told me that I'll be like "those kind" real soon. This person was referring to cheapos.

I beg to differ. Well, difference is I have class. I use my brain to think. They use their heart and body. That's what breaks us apart. Furthermore, I'm not interested in alcohol, the second hand cigarette, or crazy music anymore. Maybe, they are young and it's just the beginning. I have done that 10 years ago. Time to stick with old school bar. Haha.

You can say I've done that and it's really easy to pick that up again. It's easy if I love their companion. However, they are not people I would love to hang out with because we certainly live different kind of lifestyles.

That one person who knows how are they like and yet end up becoming one of them.

I can assure that I won't be like that. Even though the majority wins, so what? Sole survivor or not does not matter, but with my mental strength I have is definitely a sure win. I won't be like that. Contrasting personalities and the differentiation in beliefs will end up in separate path and that's what I am looking at. ^^ it's also the best ending of a story.

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