Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Your friends say a lot about you

There's a saying that goes "who you hang out with says a lot about you."

If the people you hang out with are all very intelligent people, others will conclude that you are one of those geniuses as well even though in actual fact you might not be in that standard of your friends.

That's just the general example. But, when it gets more critical, the reality sucks. It happens a lot if one of your friends are just very unhealthy or very unattractive. Not in a physical way, but more towards the attitude.

People absorb negative attitude easier, and more effective. You just need one of those and there will be a conclusion people will have.

If for instance, one of your friends is someone who is wild, super party girl, sleep around with random guys, do not have any pride and dignity, what can others think? Some might be nice enough to say well, maybe it's just her. But, many will just say then all of them must be like that. That's a very typical remark.

So, look out for people you hang out with. I do know people as such but I definitely will not regard them as my friends because that wouldn't benefit me in any way. They will only tarnish my image I have and I don't like these kind of species around me. It gives me a very negative aura. There's just something in them that I wouldn't be able to understand. Everyone knows why they are doing it, it all boils down to the attention they are seeking. All I can is to distance myself from them and I believe that by doing so, I'll be living my life truthfully. Maybe, they prefer the kind of life that makes them grow old prematurely, but I don't.

No wonder all of them look much older than they really are. Continue doing what you want and happy of, I have no issues with that. As long as people's happy, that's all that matters. For me, I'm happy living a day life now, I feel healthier I don't feel my skin being dehydrated and such.

I don't like that kind of lifestyle, and I don't like the term cheapo, desperate or anything equivalent. The best is to distance, and healthy, positive energy will come to you. With them around, the positive energy will fade as the negative energy comes. That's a very important essence of life - positive energy. Choose the people you hang out with. You do not want a super gloomy, emotional and depressed person in your life as eventually, you will become that person. That is just another example.

That's how sad our community is these days. It's not wrong to be that, it will be judged. If you love being as such,by all means. YOLO right?

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