Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Diary

Yesterday, I went to watch the Wedding Diary. Though it's in an alienated language to me, but I watched it. The good thing about being here is that they have subtitles. haha. So, it's cool.

That movie highlights the reality, like what really happens to date. Wedding nowadays is like a business thing. The difference of before and after getting married, how people change. Maybe, people are too comfortable with each other, they start to take things for granted. How men change overtime. It's not the same when they were just going after you, and after they get together with a girl, everything changes. They no longer do what they used to. They no longer treat you like how they used to. Reality. Women in the other hand, has a best or close friend that will waste the guy's money.

When people attend a wedding, it depends how grand it looks like, it depends in which location it is held in, that factors determine the money inside the angpao. Men want their pride. They can't bear to lose even one bit of it. Even if they are not exactly rich, they wanna do it grand because of their pride.

The disagreement between families can cause havoc arranging for the wedding. A wedding supposed to be only that 2 people, but apparently, it isn't. It's about friends, and families and the last comes in is the couple getting married. The tense and stress going through the preparation is horrendous.

After watching only I realized that going through a wedding preparation is just horrifying. That is just the beginning of all. It comes along the What Ifs later on, after the wedding night. It's kinda scary looking at it. If all turns out well, it's cool, what if it doesn't. The begin of a nightmare.

Happy 28th Birthday

It was Potato's birthday the other day and this year was really a celebration for her, plus a house warming, all on a weekend when I need to work.

The best gift that she can ask for is definitely a make-up set. Revenge is indeed sweet heh? She never fails to give that to me on each occasion. Birthdays, Christmas .. and what not.

Christmas season is over, and if you wanna find a make-up set stuff is actually amazingly difficult. They have kept everything and all you can is to actually get individual stuff. Surprisingly, Elianto still has that, though not many, but they have it, except that their set is not that attractive, as it's just very similar stuff inside. As long as 100 MYR is spent, they will do the wrapping. So, actually, it's not bad getting Elianto stuff as a birthday present. We picked what we wanted and they wrapped. Cool huh?

Happy 28th Birthday ^^ Hope your wish of getting a namja chingu will finally come true this year. It's definitely good being a rat this year. Put your fingers cross. haha.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Peer Pressure

It is the 21st Century but why are people still leaving that kind of remarks. "Hey I'm not as young as you, I'm already in my 30s, it's already time to get married." But, in a matter of fact, I am not that young either. When you were my age, you have already started saying that anyway.

Guys is not everything. Girls is not everything. It doesn't mean that you can't live without a girl or a guy in this time of the era. Who ever said that by the time you reach 30, you gotta get married. There's no rules or regulations stating such thing. So, if you're not married by then, will you be penalized and fined? It's just stereotyped and the tradition from the olden days. It doesn't apply anymore. Why must someone follow the norm of yesteryear just because it has been done over and over again. It's time for a change, not just follow blindly just because everyone else is doing it.

It doesn't mean that you will definitely get married even if you have a partner already by 29. Even if people have been dating 7 years or 10 years, anything can happen. Breakup occurs. Even if you're married, it doesn't mean it can sustain for a lifetime. Divorce may occur. People break the vows. Life still goes on.

This is a life of your own, and you choose to walk down this path. Hence, nobody is in the position to ever question you on why are you not married by a certain age. Think about it, do you wanna rush into something, a lifetime commitment just because you are feeling peer pressure, or you would rather wait and commit to it only if you are really ready for it. It's not like you can't live without them. Besides, you have been living without the other person for like maybe 20 over years, and now you say you can't. What nonsense.

Do what you are comfortable with, commit only when you are ready for it. Just because others are doing, it doesn't mean you gotta follow that path. Take the road less taken does not mean it's bad. It's just rare but the journey is definitely a memorable one. Be independent, and everything will turn out good.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Gift

It had arrived late, but better late than never. When you least expect that, it came at the door step. Omg, so cute. Soon enough, I will need to sleep on the floor to make place for all the soft toys. Haha.

This gom is super cute <3 I like!


I used to work in a place full with people, they have 800 over staff. Thus, meeting people is like part of the job, and there's nothing so awkward about it, it comes just naturally. Then, we had the guests, so it's even more natural. No matter how awkward the lunch/dinner hours are, there are people eating at the same table as you. You don't have to eat all by yourself.

From that kind of job, I changed to something just the opposite. I changed to something so isolated from people. They have people coming in and out of the place, but it's just the same old people, at times, they have the walk-in clients. But, that's about it. Lunch hours is the most horrendous hour, whereby, I ate all by myself for more than a year.

I don't know what had it done to me. I felt like nobody's around anymore and I actually expected that already. That is not the type of job that I will stay for very much longer. At times, you feel that it's doom's day and nobody is on Earth. My best friend was my phone. After more than a year, I find it really difficult to get back on track, to meeting people all over again. Then, I jumped again. I felt the work place is alive, finally. There are actually people on Earth.

When there's an outing, I used to be going even though I might not know all. But, I think I was there for way too long, that the anti-social-ness is still stuck there. It's just time that can change it. Overtime, it will. I believe. I have just gone to work and leave on time for that duration of time and there's no after-work activities. Demotivated.

I'm freeeeee now ^^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time for a Change

We have been living in the same way for years and years, it's time for a change. We have been following the same old stuff, not being able to change anything, and now, it's time to sit back, and to reflect what do you really want. Whether you want to remain as it is, just the way like before, or to make a change for a better tomorrow.

It's not wrong to choose something you believe in, whether it's the old one, or the new one. It's what you choose. It's what you decide.

It's whether you want to live the way you have lived, or to take that risk to have a change, a change that you do not know what it will be. But, is it worth that? It's for every individual to decide.

Do you wanna live the past, or the future? Do you want to allow unnecessary things to happen? Do you wanna continue living like this, with all the unhappiness going around? Future is unknown if you were to take the risk, but taking a risk is better than being stagnant.

It's time for a change. It's 2012!


Hey, Happy Valentine's to all. Singles, or attached, it doesn't really matter. As I have read on FB, some are really depressed that they are all alone at home. C'mon guys, there are friends out there who are as single as you are. So, go out ^^

Why is my hair colour so weird today

It was such a long time since the last time I had this

I know it's Valentine's ... but it doesn't mean I can't eat Kenny Roger's right?

Cupcakes ^^

After dinner, took a stroll and caught a movie "That Means War." It's just one simple night out, nothing to shout about, nothing special to remember about. But, that's not the whole point. It's just spending time together, and that makes a difference. It's the moment of togetherness, and it doesn't really matter even if you do not have a bf/gf. Whether it's your partner, or your friends, the time you spend together is the moment that one should cherish and treasure. Money can't buy that.

Again, I hope everyone had a great time. Happy Valentine's once again!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It's almost 2am here on 14th February. It's already Valentine's!!

Wooot ... Happy Valentine's Day all .. and Happy Singles Day all .. to which it's applicable.

Whether you are single or attach, spend this day and cherish the moments you have. This is a very commercialized day whereby everyone's out there celebrating and everything hikes up. Hence, if you are looking at things like you wanna feel special because you are the only one celebrating it, please don't as everyone else is doing it too. If you just wanna celebrate this with other couples, just spend the time together, please go ahead and enjoy every moment together. This is the moment of love. haha.

Okay, I have honestly not celebrated. I don't know how celebrating feels like. All I know is that everywhere is jam packed, you lose your mood. Just get prepared for this. My stand still stands firm. I don't like flowers. haha.

Those who are single, please don't feel depressed or sad or whatever, because Valentine's is not only for couples. There are so many types of love out there other than romantic love. There's friends love, buddies love, siblings love, family love, all can be celebrated today. Things had changed over the years. Feeling lonely is not necessary anymore.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Art of Talking

Certain people really need to learn the art of talking. It's not that you gotta be really really good in talking, if everyone is, then we can all be lawyers, start debating with each other until the world ends. I don't need someone who speaks in a really flowery language, but just think before speaking.

Some people do not know what to say, to whom they should say certain things, when should they say it and when should they not and how is the message delivered. They do not know.

They just blurt everything out and once they do, everything goes haywire. Some things are just not funny and they don't understand it. They think everything is just funny, and being very insensitive over some stuff and people.

They thought that's just being frank, but little did they know that it's just not being frank, but that's just being rude, impolite and insensitive. They do not think before saying anything. They may then say that's just me, and accept the way they are. It's not as simple as that. I guess, again, background plays a major role.

If it keeps happening, it's really irritating. Why can't they sometimes think before they say anything. When it comes to them, they feel others are being too straight-forward instead and that actually hurts. Life's hard with all these unnecessary things aye?

For their whole life, they are only caught in a community similar to that of theirs, they don't see things differently from an opposite point of view and they conclude that everyone in the world is similar to them. It's really difficult to talk to people like these at times. It's just sickening. Like, honestly.

They can actually claim that they understand you, and that you don't understand them? How is it possible? My god, this is just amazing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Chap Goh Meh

Hey yo, I've seen quite a few lion dance this year, and that makes me really really happy. I just love lion dance and I don't know why. Not dragon, not anything else, but lion.

It was the last day of the 15 days of Chinese New Year yesterday. So Happy Chap Goh Meh! It was also the Chinese Valentine's, so ... haha.

We have 3 festivals in a weekend. Those who are celebrating ... Happy Thaipusam and Happy Prophet Muhammad's Birthday ^^

The Evil Thing

There's this problem with girls that I realized. Once they get a bf, they vanish from Earth. But, that's not the issue now. It's more like girls these days only look into what they can use in a guy. Money, car, background and etc. If the guy goes after the girl, she looks into these details.

They don't even care how old are you anymore, as long as you have the money, is all that matters. I will not disagree if you say girls are just so materialistic these days. Of course, I am not saying all are like that. But, the amount of girls using guys for that sake is just too many. It's disappointing and look around you, girls going out with someone so much older. It's just sad.

Many times, I pity the guys. Yeah, it's the other way now. Girls use guys to get what they want. They can do it the other way, work for it, but they choose not to. Girls use guys to drive them around, pay for their shopping, and that's it. Sometimes, it's just so obvious and I can't help it but to feel sorry for the guys.

I can't imagine the life to live as a 20 year old, and getting a sugar daddy of maybe more than 20 years their senior as their partner. The stares from people will be so awkward. The thought of using his money to get anything you want, but in the end of the day, how can they live with that conscious? It's the pride and dignity of a girl, but I guess, they have thrown that part away from them long time ago. This is the evil cause of money.

If you had allowed money to get into your head, that's it. It's no doubt an important part of life, but you must not let it go into your head and allow it to dominate and disregard your principles and meaning of life.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Robot Sushi @ 1U

Just the other day, we have decided to try a new place to dine for Japanese Restaurant. We are always going to Watami and Ichiban. Since we were in 1U, and that we are always going to Watami, perhaps, we should try out a new place. Thus, we hopped into Robot Sushi. Previously, it was under a different name and that the food was not too bad. They remained the design of the shop, but everything else had changed.

I thought that we should at least give a benefit of the doubt for them to prove themselves. In this way, meaning, we should like have the least ever expectations.

First came was the Chawan Mushi, which has relatively failed. It was so dry, and it's just not like any other Chawan Mushi I have tried before.

It was so sweet. I almost came back being a diabetic.

This combination was weird. It didn't go well with each other.

Can't make it too

This is again, sweet.

The whole meal was just terrible. This is the first ever Japanese Restaurant we went into and not being able to finish the food and left the place feeling very dissatisfied. Again, never try never know. Hence, that was our first, and the last time, never again.

The pictures came out might not be too bad, but you know, pictures lie. When you see it with your own eyes, honestly, I didn't feel like eating. This is of course based on personal experience.