Thursday, January 24, 2013

BB Cream by Holika Holika

I was given this BB Cream by L late last year as it does not suit and blend very well with her skin.

This is a BB Cream by Holika Holika and though it's rather white, it has very well blended into my skin. I have to say that I'm fortunate enough that my skin accepts BB Cream quite well. But this is not cheap, it's bout 65 bucks, it's slightly above average I feel. Well, it's not like I've bought any BB Cream here. Then again, it's quite pricey in comparison to other brands. Yeah, it's the brand.

This can simply last quite a long time even though you use it everyday and not to mention it contains SPF 42. It's very important to have UV protection these days as it will damage your akin and eventually you'll have premature aging if not taken care properly.

Always apply any sort of protection each time you go under the sun.

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