Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Detecting Sarcasm

I used to think that sarcasm can be detected very easily. Then, I thought okay, if that doesn't work, then maybe you should say it directly, not too direct but direct enough for normal people to read those lines.

The longer I live, the more complicated things are. I can be nice, but if the wrong button is triggered, then that's when I will use it. I do not usually use these strategies. I mostly keep quiet, do my own stuff and don't bother unless you cross my line. Makes sense, right?

Only until recently I made a new discovery. The fact that sarcasm cannot be read and understood as easy as I thought. Having observed some particular people, I can't categorize them at all because they have no idea what do you mean by all that. I have a conclusion, that if you wanna use it and want that person to understand, make sure s/he is smart or intelligent enough to catch your meaning. Or else, please make it THAT direct and frank for that person to understand it. I'm now aware there are such people. I didn't believe it, but now I truly do.

It probably takes a sarcastic person to understand another of its species. If the person is not intellectually smart, then it's gonna be chicken and duck conversation. I've seen it, that as simple as ABC in a sarcastic way but that person can't get a single meaning. Perhaps, it's the language inability I really don't know. But, the language was used was just simple basic language. How can you not? I'm just dumbfounded to find this new discovery of mine.

Oh I've read this somewhere that sarcasm is meant for the smart ones and it relieves you from stress, anxiety and depression haha.

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