Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Get Real

You can hear almost every girl say this - I wanna get a rich husband, so I don't have to work like this anymore!

Yeah, there are so many of them. So so many. I know one girl that asked her friends to introduce her any rich guys that they know, with the intention of getting married and she doesn't wanna work after that. She does not even bother if he's more than 10 years her senior. She doesn't mind. Her intention was only to retire early. Yeah, that desperate.

So many of them talk like as if they have really high value. They don't know that their value deteriorates each year. They have nothing to offer in return anyway.

I was just thinking, if the guy get married to her, which is good for her of course, but decided to leave her after a few years. Oops, she gotta start all over again. What if it happens after 10 years? Not working for 10 years and gotta go out to work after that? Let's see who is willing to hire. Thinking that life is so easy huh? Wow.

Honestly, that's just one of the many I have heard. One, who is rather young, early 20s wants only rich bfs. Little did she know that she's not even qualified to be with a rich guy. She's definitely not a classy person and wanna go with people of that standard? You gotta be kidding me right? Eventually, the rich dude didn't even bother her, Thank God. Do these girls know that the guys can see through of what they are aiming for? Heh.

Please you people. Get smarter, get real. Life isn't as easy as that. If you think it is, I'll be flying in the sky without being in an air plane or helicopter. Those that you have read in the storybooks don't exist. So yeah you wanna be like Snow White, or whatnot other fairytales? There's a reason why it's called fairytales right? It's for you to dream and never come true, you idiots.

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