Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sometimes, being as indifferent as I am, I still do have my human conscious in me.

At times, in rare occasion, I pity those people. The people that has problems and issues with most people around them. The pity came because there's almost nobody that is willing to be their friends and they need to face loneliness all the time.

It's not easy to fight loneliness. It's always fine to be alone as all of us needs to have our own personal space to sit back to think of your life. But, if you have become lonely, that is the starting point of anxiety and depression. Humans are made as social beings which means we need to interact with each other. It's not out of the house 24/7 but I believe there must be a balance.

If it had come to a point that the feeling of loneliness frequently visits you, it's really time to reflect to think. It's only not normal to be feeling so negative all the time.

Also, if looking at your Facebook page with over a thousand friends and to realize that you only have one close friend, it's better to deactivate the account and close it for good. If it means that not 1 has issue with you but out of 10 people, you can get along with 1, again I strongly advise you to look into this matter seriously. It's impossible to be having 9 people not feeling good towards you. Generally, human is nice and they will be able to accept you unless you are really weird.

Please look at a bigger picture. Something must have gone wrong. I wish those without friends good luck because the life of a loner is rather pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Annyeong haseyo!

I have only one friend on fb..
Ohh I'm lonely.. What say you, me, coffee? Pity me leh T_T

Brian ^.^v

Panda said...

.... Yeah at least not a thousand friend in fb and only one close one in real life. I know you are the other way round one friend in fb and thousand in real life hahha