Thursday, January 17, 2013

That 2 Characters

I feel that when there's a friendship between 2 individuals, there's definitely someone who takes and someone who gives and of course there should be a balance. Apart from that, both will need to be able to accept each other's characteristics, behaviors and attitudes.

There are 2 types that I can think of right now that I don't think I can tolerate. It had clearly shown from the previous broken friendships.

First is the girl with the princess disease. That's like the worst ever attitude you can have because the dramatic girls come from there too. Perhaps, their dream is to be treated like princesses. Unfortunately, I don't believe as such. Instead, I'll do the opposite. Knowing them being like that, it's just gonna be a matter of time before things break as our personality does not match at all. They can do anything in the world to others and even others may have treated them like princesses, I live with my own rule. I will not. This in fact helps them through life because not everyone is going to treat them that way. Bad temper, awful mood swings is not something that I care. I don't think I will need to understand that side of theirs because I am not their bf, I am not their maid. So, shut up and be nice. All these princesses I find are not people that had used their intelligence a lot in their life. That may be the reason behind why they act in such a way and comment such a thing.

Second is definitely certain individuals that keep you waiting for your entire life. Keep people waiting is not a nice thing to do at all. I have a very big issue with this because I am against waiting for people. They do that all the time, you get mad, they ignore you and they come back to you after awhile after you cool down thinking everything will be back to how it was. You can do once, twice, thrice, it will again, just a matter of time until people gets fed up and if the friendship ends, then you think if what you have done deserves how you have been treated. I can guarantee that if you keep doing, that certain someone will leave and you can never see them again. That feeling of waiting for people is so absurd and it feel so pathetic. Trust me. I have gone through this a million times and I wonder now, why have I done so. If there's a chance to re-live that moment, I will absolutely give a nice firing and that's it. I have a life too and my life is not to wait for you.

These 2 types of individuals had kept coming to me. I don't wanna meet these people because my health deteriorates. I despise people as such. I have met too many of them that I am sick of tolerating.

2012 was a crazy year. It was the year of kicking them off my life and I can say, I am proud of it and I am freed for torture as such. They are people who are not meant to be my friends. Please go to the guys to throw your tantrums, dramas and whatnot because I wouldn't care if that's the case. As long as you leave me alone, I am good.

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