Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That Accusations of your Cheap, Dirty Story

It seems that the truth has been revealed. I can't take anymore dramas. Honestly, I'm really not interested. Whether you wanna make a full out of yourself, or you wanna show to the world how dumb and cheap are you, nobody cares.

Why should I even state the obvious when every single soul can tell it that you have one whole tons of problems in you. Nobody wants to know your story, so please stop talking about it to people. How can you even bring yourself to even talk bout stuff like that when you can't even be upfront about everything you did.

Nobody knew why was that reaction so big. Now, the truth is out, your dirty cheap secret. This is what happens when you try to be funny here, because somehow or rather people will find the truth.

So now since that knowing of what you have done, I think it had reached to this point and only this point. When I keep quiet, it means you should stop doing stupid things as such. Now, you are asking for it by triggering that button. You have asked all this. Accusing is not a nice thing to do. I'm sorry but you have got it all wrong. Thinking that people wouldn't talk about it? You bet. Accusing when it's you who did it. Cool isn't it? See, what happens next is the response and reaction of your initial decision to accuse. Being strangers are great but you don't want, instead you wanna continue the drama episode. We have no time doing these. Enjoy that while you can. A guy who you were once close with can even call such a cheap name on you, shows how "much" respect he has. It reflects on how he sees you and which position you are in - it is nil. Honestly, stop everything. Stop playing games, stop every lil thing.

You are in danger.

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