Monday, January 21, 2013

That's the problem

One after another, each one of us, eventually had issues with you.

You might think that the problem lies in us, that we have issues, that we should change ourselves. If it is just me, him, her then you might say that. But, if it happens to me, he, her, he, he, her, there must be something really wrong with you right? Have you ever wondered why?

The people you hang out with are people had been disliked by the society. It's okay to be friends and hang out. I have no issues. But, to be joining them and ignoring us like as if we are at fault for nothing, that is really an issue. It shows that you're problematic that most people cannot withstand that kind of attitude.

It's not that I'm upset or disappointed or anything. I'm cold like that. I don't bother, you can do whatever you want with your life and I will still be here. If you wanna show your immaturity, I really wish that you can be the most immature in the whole world then. It has to be something you should be good at right? I believe being immature is your advantage then.

For a small thing, you wanna act like we have robbed you over something you have most treasured in your entire life. It's not even our fault, it's not even an issue for all of us. So again, if being immature and overly sensitive is your kind of thing, of course I hope and wish you can be the best of it.

Thinking that drinking a cup of coffee is the simplest ever task, I'm afraid that will be the most difficult thing to do if that other person is you. I rather be forever alone. That's how bad it has come.

If living a life as complicated as it looks is your cup of tea, I hope that we don't cross path, ever again because my life now is good and positive. I don't need anyone with such unhealthy, bad and negative aura affects my ever great life that I have now.

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