Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weird Characters

Some people have very weird personality. I don't mean weird as in talk to yourself in public. Okay, that's weird too but it's different kinda weird.

So yeah, some people tend to be a possessive friend. Not bf/gf/whatever, but friend. 1st degree of this kind, they wanna spend time with you like every single second of your life until the point you get so irritated you just wanna slap the hell out of this person. Reason behind, they have no other friends but you. I don't know. They appear at your door stop at any point of time they like, they wanna follow you out with your other friends. How interesting must your life be to be bringing this pest out, right? Thank God, I don't have this kind of friend, or else I would have murdered that person.

2nd degree, another possessive kind. This person will not allow you to be close with anyone else. If you're close with some other people, this person will get jealous, will dislike, and will give that person a very good stare. Again, Thank God this kind is also not my friend. I thought this happens in high school, apparently not so. It still happens with people in their 20s approaching 30. Damn, right?!

It's okay to be 4D, but not these kinda weird characters. At least 4D, you don't harm people, and people will actually think you're funny at some point.

I am not making these weird characters up, but it really happens. Somehow, people I know. Haha.


cece clex said...

Hmm... I saw that kinds of people when I was in elementary school.:-p

Panda said...

hahah i know right .. sadly these people are still around at this age, omg