Friday, February 8, 2013

한국: Day 2 Part 3

We started our journey in Teddy Bear's museum. There are a few Teddy Bear's Museums around Korea.

They have all the Teddy Bear's in the glass. All versions of it. They have like the Beatles of Teddy Bear and things like that. Of course, they have the stories and histories of how Teddy Bear was born. haha.

Damn, look at the beard haha

You have the loaded Teddy Bear too, 125 Karat Bear. No kidding!

Ahh this is Ahjussi Bear who sells vegetables and fruits haha.

It's us in the park .. haha :P

Look at that king. These bears are so spoilt.

They have a whole museum dedicated to just Teddy Bears. This even isn't the only museum they have for Teddy Bears. They have a few more across the country. Can I just be the bear?


cece clex said...

I haven't been there yet even if I've stay Seoul for 8yrs! haha was that good?

Panda said...

Haha where were you before Seoul? It's nice but I prefer another teddy bear museum, I forgot the name